GL Spoilers

Guiding Light Films Last Episode Ever Today!

After 72 years in show business, Guiding Light officially films its last episode ever today in Peapack, New Jersey. Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer), Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper)Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines), and Liz Keifer (Blake Marler), have all been live updating their Twitters from the set. Be sure to check all those out and also join into the Guiding Light Twitter Party( hashtag #guidinglightforever).

Katherine Chancellor and Michael Baldwin Head To Springfield

CBS Soaps In Depth
is reporting Young and the Restless stars Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) will be making a guest appearance on the final episode of Guiding Light. Naturally, GL is denying these two Genoa City citizens in Springfield, but what else is new. 

David Andrew MacDonald Returns to Guiding Light

As I reported weeks ago, David Andrew Macdonald returns to Guiding Light! According to PGP Classic Soaps Blog, the dastardly prince returns August 7th.

Sources tell yours truly Edmund will be very in touch with his old evil ways and will make contact with his grandson. 

Lisa Brown Returns as Guiding Light's Nola is reporting Lisa Brown will also be returning to Guiding Light as Nola Reardon before the show ends its run on Sept. 18. I sure hope her beloved Quint (Michael Tylo) isn't far behind! Check out the above clip featuring Quint and Nola as characters in the movie Jane Eyre as part of one of Nola's whackadoodle fantasies.


Michelle Ray Smith Returns to Guiding Light

Ava Peralta returns to Springfield! According to the print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Michelle Ray Smith is back on Guiding Light taping Jeffrey's funeral. Her first airdate is Friday, July 24th. 

Maureen Garrett Returns to Guiding Light

As I reported months ago, Maureen Garrett is returning to Guiding Light! According to, Garrett will reprise her signature role as Holly Reade beginning August 26th. Also, check out Liz Keifer's twitter to find out who she will share her first scenes with.