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Guiding Light Spoilers

Mel's Guiding Gossip is back and in full swing. The weather is starting to cool down, but the drama in Springfield is heating up. A discovery, a diabolical plan, and a break down shake things up in the small town. Get ready for all the juicy gossip, rumors, scoops and spoilers for the week of October 13th.

Reva/Jeffrey: Reva decides she needs a little alone time and goes to Towers. She rambles on and on about her life to a very uninterested bartender. When Jeffrey calls, Reva lies about her whereabouts. However, Jeffrey is standing right behind Reva, and her lie is blown out the water. The newlyweds talk, and Jeffrey reminds Reva that the baby doesn't have to change things between them. Reva starts to break down and confesses to Jeffrey that she needs her own life. Is this just another bump in the road to happiness, or is it something more? READ MORE

Guiding Light Spoilers

It's a whole new week, which means another new edition of Mel's Guiding Gossip. The citizens of Springfield stir up trouble as we enter the fall months. A kiss, a kidnapping, and the battle over a company bring the drama to a whole new level. Get ready for all the juicy gossip, rumors, scoops and spoilers for the week of October 6th.

Billy/Vanessa/Dinah: Billy decides it's time to get his love, Vanessa, back. After Vanessa moves into the Spaulding mansion, Billy starts to pop up at the place more than a jack in the box. During one of his many visits, he admits his true feelings for her. Billy even kisses Vanessa. How will she react?

On top of handling Billy, Vanessa has to deal with Dinah. When Dinah learns of Vanessa’s new living arrangements, she accuses her mother of plotting against her with Bill.  Let's just say the conversation doesn't go well.   READ MORE

Guiding Light Spoilers

Welcome to the newest edition of Mel's Guiding Gossip. Tempers flare as the summer winds down in Springfield. A new job, a sentencing, and a feud stir things up in the small town. Here are all the juicy gossip, rumors, scoops and spoilers for the week of September 22nd.

Lizzie/Bill/Alan: This week, the feud between Lizzie and Bill gets kicked up a few notches.  First, the duo goes to extremes to play off each others jealousy. Just how far do they go? Then, when Alan joins the fight things get interesting. He naturally sides with Lizzie and gives her a big advantage over Bill.

Speaking of Alan, Springfield's richest and most powerful man is back in the game. Alan makes it known that he is on a mission to reclaim his company. However, the plan takes a setback when Alan collapses. Is he really ready to go to battle for his company?

Meanwhile, Billy(Jordan Clarke) and Vanessa are busy coming up with ways to reunite Bill and Lizzie. They know their son is on the verge of missing a chance at true love and want to help him. What will Billy and Vanessa do to show Bill the "light"? READ MORE

Guiding Light: Nicole Forester OUT !

This week's issue of CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting that Nicole Forester, who plays Cassie Layne Winslow on Guiding Light, is officially out. A Guiding Light representative confirmed the exit saying it was "storyline dictated". Forester's last airdate is in November and there are no current plans to recast the role of Cassie.

Guiding Light: Mel's Guiding Gossip

As the summer cools down, the drama between the residents of Springfield heats up. A surprising recovery, a plan gone wrong, and a kiss shake things up in the small town. Get ready for all the juicy gossip, rumors, scoops and spoilers for the week of September 22nd.

Cassie/Cyrus: This week, Cassie gets a taste of Cyrus'(Murray Bartlett) world. She gets a real kick out of teaming up with him in some shady dealings. However, the two get into a jam when Cassie's neighbor walks into the barn where Cyrus stashed the stereo equipment. Can Springfield’s newest partners in crime wiggle their way out of impending doom?

Getting caught by Cassie neighbor isn't the only trouble Cyrus should be worrying about.  His attention needs to be focused on his brother, especially after Cyrus humiliates him by turning down his plan to participate in some extreme robbery. Will Grady seek revenge on Cyrus? READ MORE

Crystal Chappell Inks New Deal at Guiding Light

In some good news for Guiding Light, this week's issue of Soap Opera Digest reports that Crystal Chappell has decided to extend her stay in Springfield. The length of the contract is unknown, but Crystal isn't going anywhere any time soon.

I'm deliriously happy that Crystal is staying with Guiding Light. At this point, they really can't afford to lose any more strong actors. It's about time this show had some good news in the acting department.