One Life to Live Spoilers

One Life to Live Spoilers: Shane Stands Up to Jack!

A kiss, an arrest and a little payback turn things upside down in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of June 6.

Rex/Gigi/Blair/Jack/Shane: Blair and Gigi will get into a nasty argument after Gigi refuses to serve Jack at Rodi's. Jack takes off to the gym, where he will see Shane learning how to box from Cristian. Jack will continue to pick on Shane. For a change, Shane won’t take things lying down and will purposely drop a barbell on Jack's foot. Jack is going to threaten Shane with more bullying, but Shane simply tells him to "Bring It". Rex will be proud of his son for finally standing up to Jack.

Later on, Gigi will give Shane some motherly advice, while Blair gives Jack quite the tongue-lashing. Jack will not listen to Blair and attempt to get another one over on Shane by pretending to be a female interested in Shane on Myface. However, Shane doesn't fall for Jack's trick and flips the script. A furious Jack will not give up on revenge and sets a trap for Shane with his buddy Brad. Sam will walk in on the boys getting things together for Shane, but they send him away. Meanwhile, Gigi will be getting ready marry Rex, when she gets word from Shane of Jack's recent antics. When Shane leaves for the wedding, Gigi will make a special visit to La Boulaie to take care of Jack Manning. Will Gigi make it to the wedding?  READ MORE

Secrets Unravel on OLTL!

Will Todd (Trevor St. John) and Tomas (Ted King) team up keep a secret from unraveling? This week on One Life to Live Roger Howarth’s character remembers who he is. Watch the OLTL promo after the jump!


One Life to Live Spoilers: Matthew is Rushed to the Hospital!

An emergency surgery, a person committed and blackmail plague the citizens of Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of May 23.

Matthew/Destiny/Bo/Nora: Matthew will be shocked to hear abut Clint's confession. Destiny will plead with him let Clint take the fall for him. While all this goes on, Matthew will have a pounding headache. Bo and Nora will inform Matthew about Clint's fatal heart condition. However, Matthew is still going to feel like he must tell the truth. Matthew will attempt to tell his parents that Dani and Destiny know the truth, but will suddenly collapse. Bo and Nora will rush Matthew to the emergency room, where he is immediately taken into surgery due bleeding on the brain. Bo and Nora will call Destiny to ask if she knows how Matthew received a blow to the head. Destiny is going to freak out and head to the hospital. Word about Matthew will quickly travel around Llanview. Nate will wonder if he is behind Matthew's injury. Will Matthew pull through the surgery? READ MORE

Watch OLTL's Promo Featuring Roger Howarth's Return!

This week on One Life to Live, Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Marty (Susan Haskell) face off, but the big news is Roger Howarth returns to Llanview on May 13. Watch this week's OLTL promo after the jump!


Natalie Hears The Truth on One Life to Live!

Natalie (Melissa Archer) and John’s (Michael Easton) relationship was destroyed when John learned her baby wasn’t his. This week Natalie hears the truth about her son’s paternity. Watch this week’s One Life to Live promo after the jump!


One Life to Live Spoilers: Todd Names Tomas as His Shooter!

A bad boy waking up out of a coma, confessions and an arrest will turn things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of May 2.

Todd/Tea/Blair/Tomas: Todd will wake up and share a sweet reunion with Tea. Meanwhile, Blair and Tomas will be mighty close to getting their freak on, but get interrupted by a call from the hospital saying Todd is awake. The two rush to hospital and Blair will go in to see Todd by herself. Tomas is going to call Calmar about Todd's newest condition. When Blair leaves Todd, he will tell Tea that he remembers the shooting and seeing Tomas in the window where the shots came from. Tomas is going to deny Todd's claims that he was the shooter. John will show up, but doesn't have any evidence to arrest Tomas, until Natalie calls him. Natalie will tell him that she discovered Tomas' fingerprints on the syringe found under Todd's bed. This newfound evidence will be enough for John to place Tomas under arrest for the attempted murder of Todd Manning. READ MORE