Will EJ Bonilla’s Marco Cause Nolan’s Kinsey Scale to Swing Again on Revenge?

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) hasn’t been the luckiest guy when it comes to love on Revenge. In Season One he slept with Tyler (Ashton Holmes), who turned out to be a lunatic. Iin Season Two, his CFO/love interest Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria inadvertently revealed one of his most closely guarded secrets — that Emily/Amanda’s (Emily VanCamp) father helped start NolCorp. Now he could lose it everything Grayson Global.

Enter former Guiding Light star E.J. Bonilla, who will debut as Marco, a man from Nolan’s past, on Nov. 25. Based on the trailer, Bonilla’s character just might just help Nolan’s Kinsey Scale score swing in the opposite direction from Padma.

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Adrienne Barbeau Gets ‘Revenge’

Revenge lovers will finally get to see if the apple fell far from Victoria's (Madeline Stowe) family tree this season. TV Line is reporting former Maude and General Hospital star  Adrienne Barbeau has been cast as the Hamptons ice queen's mother. According to the site, Mother Harper is the one responsible for Victoria being the way she is today. Executive producer Mike Kelley said:

We will learn how the monster that is Victoria Grayson was put together, and we’ll learn that there’s a lot of damage that went into this little girl that became Victoria Grayson — and that it was at the hands of her mother

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Mystery Solved: GH’s Suzanne Is The Balkan’s Wife!

Helen Keller called; told me she saw this eons ago (as did the DC crew, listen on the next podcast)... General Hospital star Adrienne Barbeau revealed to TV Guide's Michael Logan her alter ego Suzanne is The Balkan's (Daniel Benzali) wife. Barbeau gives the scoop on what to expect
TV Guide Magazine: Suzanne has spent months wringing her hands over Brenda's well-being. So it was all an elaborate fraud? Brenda's gonna freak when she finds out!

When [head writer]Bob Guza told me about Suzanne's true identity I was, like, wait a minute, how can this be? How do I justify all of Suzanne's behavior up until now? How do you explain her friendship with Brenda? I also wondered if I'd have played any of this differently if I'd known all the facts when they hired me.

Adrienne Barbeau Supports Hubby at You’ve Got Hate Mail

General Hospital’s Adrienne Barbeau attended a performance of You’ve Got Hate Mail on December 30 at The Triad in New York City. Barbeau’s husband, Billy Van Zandt, is one of the show’s stars. A comedy of errors, the New York Post called You've Got Hate Mail "the perfect bedroom farce for an era in which there's more action online than in actual bedrooms." For more information on additional shows, on January 14 and February 11, visit the You've Got Hate Mail website. Visit Smart Tix to purchase tickets.

Adrienne Barbeau Dishes Brenda’s Return On GH

Adrienne Barbeau spills the tea to TV Guide's Michael Logan on what goes down on General Hospital to make Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) reutrn to Port Charles.

TV Guide Magazine: Tell us about Suzanne. What brings her and Brenda Barrett to Port Charles?
She's a journalist who has seen so much tragedy in the world where children are concerned and she establishes an organization, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children, that concentrates on the victims of sex trafficking. Brenda becomes the spokesperson who's out there bringing attention to the cause and bringing in corporate endowments. One day in Rome she is attacked while appearing at a press conference. We don't know who did it but her life is clearly in jeopardy and it's pretty much up to Suzanne to take care of Brenda and make sure it doesn't happen again. Suzanne is going to hire a bodyguard who may be someone from Brenda's life back in Port Charles.