All My Children: Watching Through the Medicated Eyes of an AMC Girl

Usually, when I sit down to write my blog, I have a hard time figuring out where to begin, and what the tone is going to be. Sure, while I am sitting in front of the boob tube, watching All My Children, the ideas come to me fast and furiously. But sit down with the laptop? And my overly medicated mind draws a complete blank. I am warning you all, due to severe muscle spasms, I am medicated. But, I ask you, is there any other way to watch All My Children without slamming your head into the television?

So, that being said, I will start at the beginning. No, not the historical beginning of All My Children, but the beginning of the show itself. Have you seen the opening lately? Did you notice that on Rebecca Budig’s first day back as Greenlee, Sabine Singh’s character portrayal shot was replaced with hers? It was immediate. So, I put this question out to you - How long are we all supposed to wait before we see the other new or returning characters added to the opening? Where are the opening shots of Debi Morgan or Darnell Williams? Angie and Jesse were far bigger than Greenlee ever was, or will be. So, why weren’t their shots added on Day 1?? If I were those actors, I would be adamant to get the same treatment as Rebecca did. Because to be quite honest here, All My Children will get far more long time viewers back showcasing Angie and Jesse, then parading Greenlee around. Also, are we going to see more of Frankie Hubbard now that his parents are in town? Or will he be faded into the background with the likes of Jonathan or Sean Montgomery? Both of whom have been ousted by the show.

While I think it is great that they are bringing back a popular veteran couple, I do not see success in their return. I can only hope and pray that All My Children can learn from past mistakes, and actually write a decent story for a veteran character. The reason I hold no hope is simple. Look at Adam Chandler, for example. What does he currently have as a storyline? Not much from where I stand. We have a powerful business tycoon, who upon getting his company back, does nothing to stomp on the person who put him in the predicament in the first place. Instead, we have Adam hiding bugs in rings to spy on JR. Please somebody over there at ABC, take Adam Chandler off the sedatives, and unleash his all to well known fury on Pine Valley. It is overdue, and very needed to help pick this soap up.

Another thing I do not understand is why they brought in the character of Samuel Woods as a love interest for Erica? Sorry here folks, but I do not see anyone as an adequate partner for Erica other than Jackson. Why make a big deal about Erica’s 10th marriage if they were not going to make it last? So, I suppose now they are going to make Erica into a Martha Stewart type, selling off tons of stocks. Is this why her accounts are frozen? Also, WHY are they bringing this character in when there is still a spark between Erica and Jack, and there is so much story there to be told. I am warning you now, if and when they pair up Samuel and Erica, I promise you I am NOT going to have anything nice to say about it. Please feel free to call me on that, should I go back on my promise, which I won’t.

There are so many veteran actors on this show, and no matter the writing team they have over there writing, nobody seems to do them justice. Gone are the catfights, jabs and one-liners of Erica & Brooke. The witty reparte of Palmer and Adam. Tad and anyone, for that matter. I did see some of the old chemistry sparks between Tad and Jesse, and alas that gave me hope. Hope that maybe for once the idiots at ABC are listening to us the viewers and maybe are bringing us back to family-centric stories.

While that sounds like a great idea, I somehow doubt this will ever come to fruition. Why should it? They have a bad habit over at All My Children of showcasing stories they THINK we want to see. Here are a few examples -

THEY THINK: we want to see Kendall’s infidelity over and over.

WE WANT: to see Kendall and Zach with their children as a family unit. Happy. Draw your stories from that.

THEY THINK: We want to see Ryan and his bulging eyes every day on our screen, being the saviour of women and all in Pine Valley.

WE WANT: To see Ryan bedstruck with a blinding debilitating disease, with his eyes bandaged. Unable to save anyone, except us the viewers from having to look at him EVERY DAY.

THEY THINK: we want new characters brought in, and shoved in our faces.

WE WANT: Old favorites brought back, and actually written for in entertaining and challenging, and keeping us on the edge of our seats.

THEY THINK: we want to see the Kendall and Greenlee Show

WE WANT: to actually see other characters on the show too.

And lastly, before I re-medicate so I can sit through yet another disappointing hour of All My Children -

THEY THINK: We are loyal to watching.

I’M THINKING - Is there anything good on another channel?

So smarten up AMC Executives, remotes are very easy to use these days, and does not take any effort to change the channel. I wonder what is on NBC at 1 pm eastern time???

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All My Children: Lots to see, but not a whole heck of a lot to care about.

Recently there seems to be lots to see on AMC. Lots to see, but not a whole heck of a lot to care about. The “real” Greenlee is back, but at what expense? She seems like she no longer fits in with the characters there. Have I become so complacent with Sabine Singh’s portrayal of the character that the “real” just does not seem right? The real Greenlee just seems to be out of place, and from what I can see, has currently no chemistry with the characters she is interacting with. Very out of place with Zach, very uncomfortable. Will Rebecca Budig be able to reclaim the chemistry she once shared with these actors? I hope so. Especially with the money I am sure AMC shelled out to get her back.

AMC seems to be spending a lot of money on actors lately, not only has Rebecca Budig returned to the role she created, but this week we have Debi Morgan returning to her role as Dr. Angie Hubbard. As I am sure you all know by now, Jessie is not that far behind her in returning. This was AMC’s only black supercouple, and to be quite honest, they have never been able to capture the magic that Angie & Jessie once had. Another thing is this Jessie is back from the dead storyline I am sure they are going to put out there. Where has he been? Witness protection? Amnesia? Maybe DEAD? Hello People, he appeared as a spirit to usher Gillian into heaven, and again to Tad to help him out in his time of crisis. So, what are they going to tell us? That he was never dead, and he was a living, breathing person when he did those “Spiritly” things? I saw his death scene people, he DIED, DEAD, worm food. He was shot, and died. Makes it pretty final, doesn’t it? But then again, Babe never really died either. Who is next for the resurrection? Simone? Dixie? Ethan? Or maybe it will be Gillian herself?

While there seems to be resurrections on AMC, we also need to discuss what AMC is doing to make these returns a reality. They are doing that in the form of cutting actors and roles. Recently we have seen Hannah Nichols (Stacey Haiduk) plummet to her death over Millers falls, the same falls that Leo died at, by the way. Now there are reports that Brent Weber (Sean Montgomery) the over-sexed teen is on his way out, and a rumor, yes, currently it is just a rumor, that Jacob Young (JR Chandler) will be leaving shortly as well. There are also reports out there that Jeff Branson (Jonathan Lavery) is out, as well as Alec Musser (Del Henry). While I can see the reason to write Del out, to be quite honest, it was a mistake to even bring him back, but IWBASS promised him a role on AMC, I do not see the reasoning for removing the very talented, and easy on the eyes Jonathan Lavery. This Character had POTENTIAL! He was never taken care of or written for properly. Shame on you AMC – you wasted a marvelous talent with Jeff Branson.

After watching Monday’s episode, It is becoming Krystal Clear to me that maybe it is right to Keep Adam and Krystal apart. The only reason that they would get back together would be so that Tad can reunite with Kate, but then Jenny would not have her parents together, so yet again, sacrificing one child for another, an AMC trademark trait.

What did Adam actually expect to accomplish with this party he threw? A closer bond with his Daughter? NOPE. Getting Krystal back? NOPE. Pissing off the whole town? YUP!

It seems somewhat that we are heading in the direction of a Greenlee/Zach Pairing of some sort. I will admit, I am a Zendall fan, but after they very uncomfortably had Kendall and Aidan do the deed, I feel that Zendall is not long for this world. I do not see Greenlle together with Zach, at least not Rebecca Budig’s Greenlee. I could have, however, seen Sabine Singh’s Greenlee with Zach. They had chemistry, I do not know how to explain it, they just did. She also had chemistry with Aidan. I have not seen that chemistry with Rebecca, not yet at least.

All in all, with the return of the “real” Greenlee, and also Angie & Jessie, could this soap be finally be getting itself back together, and back on track to dominate daytime? While I am not going to hedge any bets, I am an eternal optimist, and always hope things can get better, but DAMN, this soap is testing even MY patience and resolve!!!


All My Children’s Jeff Branson & Alec Musser Gone!

AMC SuperPoster is reporting that that SOD is announcing that Alec Musser (Del) and Jeff Branson (Jonathon Lavery) are the latest victims of the AMC Budget Slasher which has been sneaking around Pine Valley taking out characters left and right in order to make room for several new and returning characters.

Personally, I think it's really sad that All My Children wasted so much potential with Jeff Branson. He could have been written as a Richie type character and he does evil so well that having the tumor excuse was a MAJOR mistake. As for Musser, the show never really explored his potential either which is sad considering he did win I Wanna Be A Soap Star.

I think it's safe to say that one or both of them will end up on another soap very quickly.