Aly Admonishes Hope For Giving Up Her Message and Her Muffin on Bold and Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Ever since Hope (Kim Matula) started letting Wyatt (Darin Brooks) put his filthy paws all over her silky drawers, poor Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) has been positively beside herself! Could the impressionable—and slightly unhinged—young woman have really bought into the Hope For The Future message that much? 

As Aly and her fallen heroine square off, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt bicker, while Pam (Alley Mills) referees. I think she should off the lads lemon bars. Lord knows fighting over the same woman has to cause blood sugar dips. Watch Wednesday's sneak peek of The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump!

SPOILERS: Katie Confesses to Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Brooke/Katie/Ridge: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) badly wishes to return to Los Angeles, while Katie (Heather Tom) mulls over telling her sister the truth about Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Brooke makes it back to LA and Katie spills her guts. Katie isn’t pleased with Brooke’s reaction to the news.

Can Quinn Snow Pam on The Bold and the Beautiful? (SNEAK PEEK)

Rena Sofer appears to be having a ball as devilish Quinn Fuller on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. We're certainly getting a hoot out of the General Hospital alum's portrayal of the scheming jewel queen!

Today on B&B, Quinn continues to work Aunt Pam (Alley Mills). Someone might want to tell the SoCal newcomer Pam is on first-name basis with a grizzly bear! Watch Friday's B&B sneak peek after the jump!

SPOILERS: Someone Proposes on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Who is on the receiving end of a marriage proposal this week on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Wyatt/Hope: Wyatt (Darin Brooks) purchases something big for an unsuspecting Hope (Kim Matula). Later, Hope seeks wise words from Rick (Jacob Young) about her Wyatt/Liam situation.