Cady McClain and Michael E. Knight Reunite at Martin Family Holiday Party!

"Tad" (Michael E. Knight) and "Dixie" (Cady McClain) ended up in each other’s arms once again at the All My Children Martin Family Holiday Party on December 8 at Planet Dailies.  Knight and McClain were joined by their former AMC co-stars Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), Jill Larson (ex-Opal Cortlandt), Bobbie Eakes (ex-Krystal Carey Martin), Amanda Baker (ex-Babe Chandler), Vincent Irizarry (ex-David Hayward), Terri Ivens (ex-Simone Torres), Danielle Parker (ex-Emma Lavery) and Tate Berney (ex-AJ Chandler).

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Enjoy the Holidays With All My Children’s Martin Family

Are you having a hard time feeling the holiday spirit? If so, a good way to get into the season is to share it with a classic soap opera family. Soap Opera Socialite Productions is hosting a Martin Family Party on December 8 in Los Angeles to help raise funds for Toys for Tots. The All My Children reunion will feature Michael E. Knight, Cady McClain, Lee Meriwether, Jill Larson, Bobbie Eakes, Amanda Baker, Tate Berney and Danielle Parker.

Fans will be able to mix with actors, participate in a raffle and enjoy food. Visit for ticket information.

Amanda Baker Returns to All My Children

SOAPnet is reporting that Amanda Baker is reprising her role as Babe on All My Children for a handful of episodes as Babe's ghost:
She'll visit JR, who lord knows is going to need a visit by a friendly face at that point (trust us). But what will ghost Babe have to say about her sister, Marissa, and the other big secret her mama Krystal is keeping?

Given that Jesse Hubbard came back as a ghost before coming back to never know. Oh yeah, what's this about Krystal's other big secret?

Does All My Children’s Babe Carey Have an Evil(Good) Twin?

Insiders are whispering that Pine Valley's most lamented antiheroine, Arabella "Babe" Carey Chandler, could soon have a twin pop up in town. Don't expect Alexa Havins to reprise the role, or Amanda Baker for that matter. According to our mole an entirely new actress will be playing the role of Babe's twin. Okay, soooo isn't the point of twin/look-a-like stories on soaps for the show to be able to bring back popular actors whose character were killed off? What's the point of a Babe twin without Havins? Reportedly the show wanted Guiding Light ingenue Marcy Rylan for the part, but the actress turned them down. Keep checking DC as the bizarre bit of casting news develops...

Gone With the Wind

Babe is Dead

Such a momentous day and so little to say. Before I get to the death of Babe, a couple of quick notes.

First, I really liked the scenes where Natalia told a shell-shocked Angie and Frankie about how Jesse always loved them, but also communicated the amount of love between Jesse, Natalia and her mom. Second, the tornado must have knocked some sense back into Greens because she quickly put together that Zach was the father of Baby Lesbianca. I'm curious where this little tidbit may lead. Third, Jake operated on Kendall when the lights went out in Georgi....I mean, Pine Valley Hospital. Once Taylor restored power to the generator and Kendall's surgery was complete, Kendall went into convulsions, most likely spasms of joy over Alicia Minshew's vacation. Finally, Erica and Adam were rescued by the Scooby Doo gang, setting up fireworks in the Baby Lesbianca saga for Erica and fallout from Babe's death for Adam, which bring us to...

Wind Beneath My Wings


In disaster cinema there comes a point in the story where, as Heidi Klum would say, one is either in or out. One knows going into the theater or popping a DVD into the player what one is in for the same way one knows more or less what to expect from a slasher pic or a romantic comedy. No matter how the genre's formula is tweaked, it is up to the writers and filmmakers to provide the hooks that will draw you into their specific event or world. What hooks me varies all the time; just as often those same elements may turn me off completely.

The make-or-break moment for me in 1972's The Poseidon Adventure is the sequence when the survivors must climb the Christmas tree to escape the ballroom. In 1964's Fail Safe, the make-or-break moment is encapsulated in the tense conversation between the President of the United States and the Soviet Premier, which must be precisely interpreted. In Deep Impact, the scene is Tea Leoni's first conversation with President Morgan Freeman. There has to be something to make me care or I won't wait for the credits. After learning who lives and dies, the story is over in a movie.

So Long Babe, Don’t Let The Door Hit You On the Way Out

There comes a time in every soap viewer's life when, if they've just hung in there long enough, they have outlasted a character they find absolutely loathsome. Well get out the Chandler crystal, raid the Cortlandt's wine cellar and pop open Erica's best bottle of champagne because the day many fans have dreamed of is almost upon us. The demise of Babe Carey Chandler.

I want to make clear that this has nothing to do with Alexa Havins or Amanda Baker but everything to do with the character of Babe. Even though Babe was reviled by many, it was Havins who made the character watchable and while I maintain that Babe should have been written off after Havins' departure, this tornado has given Baker the opportunity to do her best work to date.

Went with the Wind

Zach & Kendall

Here we are at Day 2 (or according to ABC's marketing, is it Day 3?) of The Great Pine Valley Tornado of 2008. Before giving my general impressions, this entry calls for a bit of a disclaimer. My initial "The Wind Done Gone" post about All My Children's epic event was a broad critique of the episodes aired to that date based on ABC's marketing machine regarding the special effects work vis a vis the show. This may have left an impression that I was conflating the CGI work with the dramatic aspects of the story. In an effort to streamline things a bit, I will henceforth treat several aspects of The Great Pine Valley Tornado separately.

THE DRAMA: At the end of Friday's episode, Erica and Adam were trapped in the secret passageways of the Chandler Mansion, having discovered that a mysterious stranger had been living there; a jealous Aiden found Ryan and Kendall at the gazebo moments before it was destroyed; the Comeback was demolished, leaving a hysterical Babe bleeding and trapped on top of a suffocating Little A and JR with a terrible choice to make; and Zach made a narrow escape from his overturned car and returned to the decimated beach house to find the boys alive, Kendall missing, and Bianca under a flipped over couch.

Today, the drama continued with a number of rock solid twists, shocks and surprises (mostly involving Bianca) that would have been more twisty, shocking and surprising if one hadn't read them in Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Digest or watched any of ABC's promos over the weekend. And we're off!