Ex-All My Children Star Ambyr Childers Books High Profile Showtime Pilot

Former All My Children star Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby Chandler) has a new gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter she has signed on to Showtime’s pilot Ray Donovan. The show also cast Kerris Dorsey and Johnathon Schaech in the drama, starring Liev Schreiber.
In the family drama about a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in Los Angeles -- the title character to be played by Salt's Schreiber -- Schaech (That Thing You Do) will play Sean Stevens, a major movie star with a mysterious connection to Ray's past. Dorsey (Brothers & Sisters, Moneyball) will play Ray'd daughter, Bridget, while Childers (All My Children) will play Ashley Rucker, a young star under Ray's protection.

Top 10 Most Improved of 2008

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has published his Most Improved Actors of 2008, naming the actors who he believes have improved dramatically in the first half of 2008.

In addition to the Most Improved Actors of 2008 Branco also  named his picks in his "Booster Club" categories including: Most Improved Soap, Most Improved Writers, Most Improved Love Story, Most Improved Network, Most Improved Magazine, Most Improved Direction, Most Improved Casting, Most Improved Producer, Most Improved Hair, Set Design, Lighting and Costume and Most Improved Opening.

So here is my question. If you were going to name your "Top 10 Most Improved Actors" so far in 2008 who would you name? I know several of Branco's picks would make my list.

All My Children: Ambry Childers Thanks Fans For Support

As we reported,  Ambyr Childers is leaving  All My Children as Colby Chandler. Now she's wrote a thank you to her fans for their support on her Official Blog.

Hello Everyone,

Due to other opportunities that have come quickly into my life, I will no longer be playing Colby Chandler on All My Children. This decision took heartfelt consideration and after weighing my options as an actress, the decision seemed to become more apparent to move on within my career. I could have not made it through my tenure at All My Children without the support and love of my fans and co-workers. It is because of you I remain an actress and I look forward to entertaining and working with you on new projects in the future.

Yours Truly,

Ambyr Childers

All My Children: Wishful Casting-Davetta Sherwood as Angie’s Daughter Cassie

All My Children is reportedly casting Cassie the daughter Angie (Debbie Morgan) and Jacob (Darnell Williams) adopted on the Loving spinoff The City. Who would be better to take on the role than Young and the Restless alum Davetta Sherwood (ex-Lily)?

During Sherwood's brief run replacing Christel Khalil as Lily on Y&R, Sherwood proved that original doesn't always mean "real". Sherwood's take on Lily was street smart, sassy and realistic. It was easy to believe she was the daughter of Victoria Rowell's Dru. Many fans-including this one-cried foul when Khalil decided she wanted her old role back-after having left of her own accord-and Y&R booted Sherwood.

Can't you just see Sherwood in scenes with soap legends Morgan and Williams? She would also be a great romantic interest for Dre Woods (Sterling Sulieman) and a potential rival for Pine Valley teen queen Colby Chandler (Ambyr Childers).  Then if they could only get Marcy Walker back as Colby's mom and Jesse and Angie's worst nightmare Liza Colby, I might start watching AMC more regularly again, that is unless I see someone eating pancakes.

All My Children: Watching Through the Medicated Eyes of an AMC Girl

Usually, when I sit down to write my blog, I have a hard time figuring out where to begin, and what the tone is going to be. Sure, while I am sitting in front of the boob tube, watching All My Children, the ideas come to me fast and furiously. But sit down with the laptop? And my overly medicated mind draws a complete blank. I am warning you all, due to severe muscle spasms, I am medicated. But, I ask you, is there any other way to watch All My Children without slamming your head into the television?

So, that being said, I will start at the beginning. No, not the historical beginning of All My Children, but the beginning of the show itself. Have you seen the opening lately? Did you notice that on Rebecca Budig’s first day back as Greenlee, Sabine Singh’s character portrayal shot was replaced with hers? It was immediate. So, I put this question out to you - How long are we all supposed to wait before we see the other new or returning characters added to the opening? Where are the opening shots of Debi Morgan or Darnell Williams? Angie and Jesse were far bigger than Greenlee ever was, or will be. So, why weren’t their shots added on Day 1?? If I were those actors, I would be adamant to get the same treatment as Rebecca did. Because to be quite honest here, All My Children will get far more long time viewers back showcasing Angie and Jesse, then parading Greenlee around. Also, are we going to see more of Frankie Hubbard now that his parents are in town? Or will he be faded into the background with the likes of Jonathan or Sean Montgomery? Both of whom have been ousted by the show.

While I think it is great that they are bringing back a popular veteran couple, I do not see success in their return. I can only hope and pray that All My Children can learn from past mistakes, and actually write a decent story for a veteran character. The reason I hold no hope is simple. Look at Adam Chandler, for example. What does he currently have as a storyline? Not much from where I stand. We have a powerful business tycoon, who upon getting his company back, does nothing to stomp on the person who put him in the predicament in the first place. Instead, we have Adam hiding bugs in rings to spy on JR. Please somebody over there at ABC, take Adam Chandler off the sedatives, and unleash his all to well known fury on Pine Valley. It is overdue, and very needed to help pick this soap up.

Another thing I do not understand is why they brought in the character of Samuel Woods as a love interest for Erica? Sorry here folks, but I do not see anyone as an adequate partner for Erica other than Jackson. Why make a big deal about Erica’s 10th marriage if they were not going to make it last? So, I suppose now they are going to make Erica into a Martha Stewart type, selling off tons of stocks. Is this why her accounts are frozen? Also, WHY are they bringing this character in when there is still a spark between Erica and Jack, and there is so much story there to be told. I am warning you now, if and when they pair up Samuel and Erica, I promise you I am NOT going to have anything nice to say about it. Please feel free to call me on that, should I go back on my promise, which I won’t.

There are so many veteran actors on this show, and no matter the writing team they have over there writing, nobody seems to do them justice. Gone are the catfights, jabs and one-liners of Erica & Brooke. The witty reparte of Palmer and Adam. Tad and anyone, for that matter. I did see some of the old chemistry sparks between Tad and Jesse, and alas that gave me hope. Hope that maybe for once the idiots at ABC are listening to us the viewers and maybe are bringing us back to family-centric stories.

While that sounds like a great idea, I somehow doubt this will ever come to fruition. Why should it? They have a bad habit over at All My Children of showcasing stories they THINK we want to see. Here are a few examples -

THEY THINK: we want to see Kendall’s infidelity over and over.

WE WANT: to see Kendall and Zach with their children as a family unit. Happy. Draw your stories from that.

THEY THINK: We want to see Ryan and his bulging eyes every day on our screen, being the saviour of women and all in Pine Valley.

WE WANT: To see Ryan bedstruck with a blinding debilitating disease, with his eyes bandaged. Unable to save anyone, except us the viewers from having to look at him EVERY DAY.

THEY THINK: we want new characters brought in, and shoved in our faces.

WE WANT: Old favorites brought back, and actually written for in entertaining and challenging, and keeping us on the edge of our seats.

THEY THINK: we want to see the Kendall and Greenlee Show

WE WANT: to actually see other characters on the show too.

And lastly, before I re-medicate so I can sit through yet another disappointing hour of All My Children -

THEY THINK: We are loyal to watching.

I’M THINKING - Is there anything good on another channel?

So smarten up AMC Executives, remotes are very easy to use these days, and does not take any effort to change the channel. I wonder what is on NBC at 1 pm eastern time???

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