INTERVIEW: Finola Hughes on General Hospital’s Mob War, Robin’s Exit and Why Anna Needs a Home

It’s going to be a rough month for General Hospital’s Anna Devane. As Port Charles’s police commissioner, she’s got to stop a mob war. Her daughter will soon be leaving town and her boyfriend went behind her back to bring down his mob rival.

At the ABC TCA party, Finola Hughes shared her thoughts on the departure of Kimberly Mcullough, the futility of being a police officer in Port Charles and her surprisingly domestic wish for Anna.

Daytime Confidential: What was it like filming the scenes where Anna learned Robin was alive?

Finola Hughes: It’s amazing to work with her. I love working with her. She is my heart. I just love being in the same room with her.

General Hospital on Track to Finish Best TV Season in SEVEN YEARS!

Thanksgiving week found ABC Daytime's General Hospital stuffed to the gizzards with plot twists and total viewers! Approximately 3.3 million people tuned in, as the battle between Port Charles' Justice League (Anna, Luke, Duke, Nikolas and Robert) and the Legion of Doom (Faison, Obrecht and Jerry Jacks) reached a climax.

There was also the business of a little known character named Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) being in a mad rush to get to her husband, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) — before he could marry Nurse Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo)!

10 Soap Opera Villains Who Should Have Their Chestnuts Roasted on An Open Fire

 No. 10: Cesar Faison, General Hospital

General Hospital's nastiest villain, Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) has been obsessed with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) since she was a little girl. In the 90's, the DVX operative terrorized Anna, her sometimes husband Robert (Tristan Rogers) and their World Security Bureau pals Sean Donely (John Reilly) and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner).

He also targeted Frisco's beloved Aztec Princess Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Robert and Anna's daughter Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and her extraterrestrial pal Casey (Bradley Lockerman) from the Planet Lumina!  

Will Robin Phone Home on General Hospital? (PROMO)

Mister Tel-e-phone Man, there's something wrong with my line. When I dial my baby's number, I get a click every time. Oh...sorry 'bout that y'all. After watching the latest General Hospital promo, I had to break out a little New Edition!

Here's hoping Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) has better luck making contact with her tenderoni than Bobby, Ronnie, Ricky and Mike did in that song. I just called, to say, I'm not dead, I just called, to say how much I care, oh I do... Watch the GH promo after the jump!

INTERVIEW: General Hospital’s Finola Hughes on Celebrating #GH50 and Her Directorial Debut With ‘The Bet’

Finola Hughes is one busy lady.  As top cop Anna Devane on General Hospital, she's kicking tail and taking names. Away from Port Charles, the actress has been immersed in her directorial debut for The Bet

I asked Hughes about her passion project, when I caught up with her at the Paley Center event celebrating GH's 50th anniversary. We also talked about her on-screen reunions with Anders Hove (Faison) and Ian Buchanan (Duke) and the directorial advice on-screen daughter Kimberly McCullough (Robin) gave her.  

DC: I got to hear your interview on The Jolt with Larry Flick.

FH: Oh good; he’s hilarious.

DC: Your son was hysterical! Calling out your hairstyle from back in the day, I was cracking up.

FH: Totally, he is just, yeah, I know. [Laughs]

DC: It must have been great having your son with you during all the 50th Anniversary press events?

FH: It really was great and I think he really enjoyed it. He got to ring the bell at the stock exchange, that’s amazing, once in a lifetime.