Guiding Light and All My Children Stars Reunite at Spontaneous Construction’s Premiere Party (PHOTOS)

Former Guiding Light on screen supercouple Ricky Paull Goldin  and Beth Ehlers reunited at the premier party for his new HGTV show Spontaneous Construction. The party also reunited Goldin and Ehlers with former All My Children co-stars Alicia Minshew and Susan Lucci.

A number of actors from both soaps turned out to support Goldin's new gig. See more photos of Guiding Light and All My Children stars after the jump!

21 Daytime Questions With Jillian

1. Will soaps come back in style like 80's clothing?

2. When will fans see "love in the afternoon" again?

3. Why won't  Bob Guza and Co. beg Vanessa to give them one more chance?

4. What happened to the corporate raid with Jabot/Newman/Chancellor?

5. Doesn't it annoy you to see Meg Snyder being Oakdale's man eater?

Pine Cones in Pine Valley

Regular Daytime Confidential readers and aficionados may have noticed that this lovely website has added daily recaps of most of the soaps on the air, in addition to Perkie's longtime (and often hilarious) observations about General Hospital. Conspicuously absent from the recaps — at least as of this writing — has been what might be considered the quintessential forerunner of the modern soap opera, All My Children.

Not too long ago, our fearless leader, Luke, asked if I would be able to write a daily recap of the show since I've been watching it; I regrettably informed him that because of a currently unpredictable schedule (hence, why there are long lags between my posts these days) I would be unable to do so. Instead, I suggested that I would divert my recent attentions from Guiding Light to AMC a bit more closely and blog about life in Pine Valley more regularly. Since then I've mightily tried to get a grip on the show, but unfortunately watching All My Children is not unlike walking on pine cones barefoot: it's not the worst feeling in the world, but it is still pretty painful.

ATWT’s Van Hansis Auditioned for Gossip Girl, Kings

Ruh roh. Jean Pass-The-Salami (Jillian is Love!) better sit her behind down somewhere and try to write something resembling a decent storyline for Van Hansis. The Suds Report is saying the actor is busy trying to book new gigs!

Should Nuke fans be worried about losing Luke Snyder? Van Hansis (Luke) recently told The Suds Report he’s been busy auditioning for roles in independent films and nighttime shows. “I was even up for roles on Gossip Girl and [new NBC series] Kings,” reveals the Daytime Emmy-nominated superstar. “But I’m not planning on leaving World Turns just yet. It’s good to keep your options open. I have outs in my contract.” Very smart, Van, considering World Turns may only be spinning for one more year."

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Can This Couple Keep The (Guiding) Light Turned On?

This diehard Pharley fan is thisclose to forgiving Beth for coming between my fave Guiding Light couple. I never saw the "magic" of Phillip and Beth (Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlin) during my initial viewing experience with the couple (1997-2004), since I started watching the show in '93, long after their 80's era glory years. 

I adored Pharley like I now adore General Hospital's Liason (Boy, talk about being a glutton for punishment!), so I always viewed Beth as an unecessary and unecessarily fertile thorne in Harley's side. A curse on James' head for being born and wrecking Pharley!