Touch, Lord: Brenda Dickson’s Unending Divorce Saga Has New Chapter!

Former The Young and the Restless diva Brenda Dickson (ex-Jill) is making news yet again, thanks to her now seven-year long divorce battle with ex-husband Jan Weinberg. According to KITV, a $300,000 warrant for Weinberg's arrest has been issued, because the high-powered attorney reportedly failed to show up in court for the beginning of a retrial of the case in Hawaii. The State Supreme Court ruled the judge in the previous case was unfair to Dickson. Lord, if they put this mess on the air and sold ads it would save broadcast television!

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REAL LIFE SOAP: Brenda Dickson, “Heil Hitler!”

Help me Holy Ghost. Former Young and Restless diva Brenda Dickson has won her appeal against that mean, old puddy tat of an ex-husband, John Abbott, er Jan Weinberg. You may recall, Dickson was jailed after being placed in contempt of court following her divorce hearings. Now according to, the original ruling by Judge Ito's evil twin cousin has been overturned, which could make the difference in Dickson being awarded millions of dollars and property! Check out this clip which has Dickson in a Hawaii court saying "Heil Hitler" to Weinberg's lawyer. John Silva SO wouldn't have taken that business. This mess is better than anything I've seen on any of the seven soaps all year!

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36th Annual Daytime Emmy Ladies, Classics

Many of daytime's popular actresses chose classic black, grey or silver on The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy red carpet. Nadia Bjorlin looked amazing in black . Outstanding Supporting Actress winner Tamara Braun–who won for her role on Days of Our Lives–chose a sultry grey. See what Days of Our LivesShelley Hennig and Rachel Melvin, Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer, The Young and the Restless'  Elizabeth Hendrickson, Tracey Bregman and Brenda Dickson, As the World Turns'  Terri Colombino, Julie Pinson, Kelley Menighan Hensley, General Hospital's Laura Wright and The Bold and the Beautiful's Ashley Jones chose to wear HERE.

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Wishful Casting Poll: If Robin Strasser Leaves, Who Should Play OLTL’s Dorian Lord?

* They should get Elaine Princi again. * AW and AMC's Anna Stuart would work in a pinch. * Victoria Wyndham replaced her to great success on AW, maybe it could work again? * GL's Marj Dusay will soon be out of a job. * Deborah Adair (ex-Jill, Y&R; ex-Kate, DAYS) could do it. * If we're talking ex-Jill's why not Camp Queen Brenda Dickson? * I always did want to see what Knots Landing's Donna Mills looked like as a brunette... * Raquel Welch anyone? * No one. Absolutely no one can play Dorian like Strasser and if she leaves I will stop watching OLTL!

Dear God in Heaven…Brenda Dickson Speaks!

Welcome to the Madhouse: TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a new interview up with Brenda Dickson where the former Y&R diva claims, among other things:

*Her second stint on Y&R caused the show to go from Number 6 to Number 1 in the Nielsens.

*She bought all her own wardrobe for the show.

*Late Y&R creator and soap opera legend Bill Bell wanted her to play Jill as a "little girl", not a vixen. 

TVG: What was it like working with Bill Bell?
BD: [struggles] There were some problems. Bill wanted me to be that little girl that he hired. He didn’t want me to play Jill as a grown vixen. When I came back the second time, [Wes Kenney], the new producer, was not thrilled when any old stars from the previous regimes returned — even though I brought the show back to No. 1. Bill, of course, was happy I returned. At the time, Y&R carved out a really fascinating storyline where I played the villainess and foil for Jack Abbott, but Bill didn’t want any of that. He wanted me to play the heroine, not the villainess. Of course, I disagreed with Bill. At some point, I stopped arguing with him and just played the villainess. A lot of people don’t know that I gave him one-year’s notice that I was leaving the soap because I was sick; but I still came in to tape my shows. Then, I found out I was fired two weeks before my contract expired. The theory at the time was that because they knew I was leaving regardless, they would make it look like I was difficult so another soap wouldn’t hire me and use my star power to increase their ratings. Consequently, they breached my contract because they were obligated to give me four weeks notice so we sued Y&R. In the process, I think Y&R ruined my reputation as an actress. But I wish the soap well and nothing but success. I really have left all that drama in the past, and have moved forward. I’m happy to say I’m over it now.

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Trip Down Memory Lane: Remembering Brad Carlton

Now that Brad has bit the big one I thought I'd post some clips from Don Diamont's time on The Young and the Restless. We have Brad's infamous speedo clip. There is a clip with Brenda Dickson's Jill Abbott. I've included his kiss with Sharon (Sharon Case). For all those Heather Tom die hard fans among us I have a clip of him with her Victoria. There is also a clip with Brad opposite John Abbott (Jerry Douglas).  Enjoy.
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Throwback Thursday

You gotta love the 80's. Michael Jackson's Thriller, was blasting out of everyone's window and who wasn't raving about Brian De Palma's cult classic, Scarface. MTV was this new and innovative way to bring fans closer to their music idols and of course yours truly was presented to the world in the 80's. The 80's also gave us some of the best soap storytelling that lit the genre on fire. Who wasn't a fan of  ABC's ad campaign of, "Love in the Afternoon?" Granted it was started back in 1975 but the slogan didn't take off until.... 1980.

Here's a sample of what The Young and the Restless was like back in 1985 and what the fab four over at Y&R are successfully recapturing.

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Welcome to Our House

Last week I posted Brenda Dickson's "Welcome to My Home" in all their cheesy 80's glory. If you enjoyed those you're going to love the "Welcome to Our Home" series that parodies Dickson's hilariaus clips. I find the second and third clips to be the funniest if you don't have time to watch them all but remember these things are cheesy.