Celebs React to Historic Prop 8 Ruling!

Excited by the historic (and joyous) overruling of Prop 8, celebs have taken to Twitter to sing kumbaya and bask in the triumph of equality. The Hollywood ABC blog has compiled a list of their responses. Among them were three soap actors -- Michael Muhney (Y&R), Scott Evans (ex-OLTL) and Brett Claywell (OLTL). The latter two comments were especially bittersweet, since their own historic gay storyline on One Life to Live was given the shaft by panicked ABC execs buckling to bigotry. Here's what those three actors said (Scott Evans' is my personal favorite):

Michael Muhney:

Prop 8 over-freaking-turned! Here's to ANYONE in love enjoying the right to marry. The good guys won this time!

Brett Claywell:
With all the war and hunger and poverty, it's great to know that some still simply believe in love. Congratulations California! Equality is not [a] privilege. It's a human right!

Scott Evans:
What an incredible day. Not over, but what a huge step. Suck on that Prop 8 "yes" voters.

And as a non-celeb, if I may add my own: CONGRATULATIONS to all the couples in California who can now do what they should have been allowed to do all this time. May the rest of the country follow suit, and may this someday just all be a triumphant chapter in the history of American civil rights. 

Is Daytime Committed to Gay and Lesbian Storytelling?

Last year I loved One Life to Live’s Kish storyline, which followed the relationship of Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) and Oliver Fish (Scott Evans). It was probably my favorite love story I’ve ever seen on soaps. It was just a great romantic saga , that happened to be between two men, which, in today’s world, is a big deal, but I loved that OLTL didn’t treat it like it was.

TPTB didn’t treat Kish any differently than their other couples. They weren’t kept segregated from the rest of the canvas, which often happens when a show introduces gay characters. Individually, Kyle and Fish were just as well-rounded as the other characters. They weren’t just in Lanview to “be gay.”

This Week in Daytime

This week in daytime,

I wondered if All My Children's Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) fans were steaming mad about their couple's onscreen reunion, of sorts. Not being a Zendall fan myself I expect it had to be more than a little bittersweet to see a favorite couple return, only to dissolve before our eyes like a hairball in a drain pipe attacked by Draino. My sympathies are with you Zendall fans.

Goodbye Kish

Monday was Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) and Brett Claywell’s (Kyle Lewis) last day together as OLTL's popular pairing Kish. I found the courtroom scenes to be touching and was oh so glad that Gigi (Farah Fath) decided to stop fighting for custody of Sierra Mist. After everything that has happened I am glad to see Kish get their “happy ending,” but it doesn’t excuse the atrocious way ABC and One Life to Live handled their departure. What did you think of Kish’s final scenes together?

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TV Guide Magazine Talks to Brett Claywell, After Elton and Me on OLTL Kish Off!

For his wrap up story on One Life to Live's Kishtastrophe, TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke to Brett Claywell (Kyle), After Elton's astute editor Michael Jensen, ABC Daytime's top PR person Jori Petersen and me. Since it would be totally egotistical to pull one of my own quotes— and we all know I am as meek and humble as a wee lamb— I am gonna grab one of Jensen's on-the-money statements: 

The firing will leave CBS’ As the World Turns as the only soap with gay characters right now, and that has AfterElton’s Jensen noting a disconnect. “Isn’t the goal of the soaps—and really all programming —to lure younger viewers?” he asks. “Well, it’s the younger viewers who are just fine about seeing gay people on TV. They are much more tolerant than older viewers. They live in a world where diversity is increasing and is an accepted part of life.”

Jensen adds that gay fans feel a sense of ownership when it comes to gay characters. “We have so few good representations out there that you become attached to the ones that do exist,” he says. “Obviously, we can’t demand that OLTL keep gay characters on its canvas. It’s their show, not ours. But we sure have a right to say ‘If you have no gay characters then you’re not doing your job when it comes to reflecting reality.

Ex- OLTL Star Scott Evans Takes The High Road at Fan Event

We Love Soaps TV'
s Damon Jacobs caught up with ousted One Life to Live star Scott Evans and GREEK actor Gregory Michael at the recent Gays of Our Lives event in New York. Once again, Evans proves how graceful he is by basically saying the brass at OLTL didn't owe him a call to tell him he wasn't coming back because he was on recurring. 

Good for Evans for taking the high road, but I still say it was a tacky, chicken shit move on the part of OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini to allow this man to find out his groundbreaking, buzz-generating story— not to mention his job—was coming to an end via his doggone Twitter account! It wasn't like Evans was an Under 5, or a fry cook at Mickey D's. He carried half of the one storyline garnering this soap any favor. Ugh, still disgusted.  Keep shaking the haters off Kish boys.

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