Deidre Hall RIPS Ex-ABC Daytime Exec Brian Frons: “Not Very Knowledgeable About What He Was Doing”

Even actresses on other networks don't miss the chance to take pot shots at disgraced, former ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons! In an interview with the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Days of Our Lives' leading lady Deidre Hall had this to say about the future of soaps — and one of the men responsible for almost snuffing the genre out:

The two ABC shows, "All My Children" and "One Life to Live," were canceled by a man who was not very knowledgeable about what he was doing. He thought it would be cheaper to do a game show or reality show.

It isn't about budgets. Women have been watching these shows for so many generations they are invested. They've shared them with their grandparents and grandchildren. It's their touchstone, it's their family.

The reason we are their family is because we've been there for viewers almost 50 years. We were there when they came home from school and Grandma was in the kitchen with our show on, when they went off to college and had something in common with their roommates watching the show.

We are there when people go into rest homes, on holidays when nobody comes to the table. We know our audience really loves us. We're family. The ABC executive, who is now gone, didn't get that.

We're never going off the air. There will always be a wonderful place for soap operas.


INTERVIEW: Erika Slezak Dishes Her Second Life to Live

Soap opera's grandest dame is ready for her second act. I recently caught up with six-time Daytime Emmy winner Erika Slezak to discuss the return of her beloved One Life to Live. How is television's—and soon-to-be the Internet's—Viki Lord dealing with her second life to live? After Prospect Park's first attempt to reboot the sudser fell through, what made Slezak sign on for a second time?

She answers those questions, as well as providing insight into what her legendary father, Walter Slezak, would make of soaps on the web. Slezak also goes into detail on why she feels Brian Frons isn't responsible for OLTL and All My Children being cancelled by Disney-ABC.

Daytime Confidential: How does it feel to slip back into the role of Viki?

Erika Slezak: I’m very excited. After the whole thing kind of fell apart almost two years ago, we thought, “Oh boy, what a shame.” Because it was such a good idea. When it came back, I thought, “You know when you die on daytime, you don’t really die!” You can always come back, even without a head! So why can’t that be true for the show? Even though someone said to me, “The show’s dead.” I said, “You’re never really dead in daytime. Ever!” So it turns out we’re not dead.

Catherine Hickland on One Life To Live Return: “It’s Sort Of Ambiguous”

Just what brings outspoken soap veteran Catherine Hickland back to One Life To LiveTV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan gets the scoop from Hickland on what viewers can expect when alter ego Lindsay Rapapport returns to Llanview.
TV Guide Magazine: Back to OLTL. Word is, after the big prison break an incognito Lindsay makes a beeline for her old flame Bo [Bob Woods]. Does she still have a thing for him?

Hickland: It's sort of ambiguous. I'm not being coy. I really couldn't tell from the script. But, yeah, I got to work with Bob and Hillary B. Smith [Nora] and Ty Treadway a bit. For me, it was a satisfying ending for my character. I liked the idea of playing Lindsay one more time. That character has a place in history on that show, that's for sure. Though, at that point, Prospect Park was still planning to take the show to the Internet. I was happy to wrap it up, or leave it open. Whatever they had in mind.

Hickland also dishes on why she came out swinging against OLTL and All My Children getting the axe from ABC and speaking out against former ABC Daytime President Brian Frons.

Brian Frons: “The Strong Shows Will Remain”

ABC Daytime president Brian Frons spoke recently with USA Today about the status of soaps and the recent cancellations of Guiding Light and As The World Turns.

In the end, the strong shows will remain, Frons says.

Some (soaps) have been on many years, so people feel the need to make sage-like statements about the future of the genre," Frons says. "Nobody makes those statements when a sitcom or long-running drama dies. It's the end of that program, and that's the way we should look at it as well.

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