Bristol Palin on Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin: “I Think My Mom’s Way Hotter Than That”

As the World Turns alum Julianne Moore may have won an Emmy for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in the HBO movie Game Change, but that doesn’t mean Palin’s daughter Bristol thinks the actress deserved it.  Bristol, who returned to compete on the current season of Dancing With the Stars, told Us Weekly.
"I don't think she's a good interpreter of my mom. I think my mom's way hotter than that,"

So why does Bristol think Moore’s interpretation was lackluster?
"She doesn't have that accent. It's all kind of silly,"


It’s Official: General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco Among Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars Cast!

ABC has announced the Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars cast and General Hospital's Kelly Monaco did in fact make the cut! Twelve stars are putting their dancing shoes back on, while three others compete for a 13th wildcard spot.

I’m happy to see Monaco representing daytime. General Hospital can definitely use the publicity! I’m also ecstatic about Kirstie Alley, but I would have paid good money to see Cloris Leachman return. See the full cast list after the jump and watch the Dancing With the Stars: All Stars promo!