Wishful Casting: All My Children 2.0’s Breakout Star Brooke Newton as Bold and Beautiful’s Hope

As Kim Matula spreads her proverbial wings (and gears up for pilot season), the gaping hole she leaves on B&B must be filled. I think Brooke Newton, who sizzled as heiress Colby Chandler on the web version of All My Children, would be the perfect actress to re-imagine the product of Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and son-in-law Deacon Sharpe's (Sean Kanan) scandalous tryst.

10 Best Soap Opera Newbies of 2013

No. 10: Robert Scott Wilson, All My Children

All My Children's casting department won the showcase showdown when they found The Price is Right model Robert Scott Wilson for the role of Petey, err, Pete Cortlandt. Wilson brought charisma, charm, maturity and one killer bod to the part of Palmer (the late James Mitchell) and Opal's (Jill Larson) son.

Not even Wilson could save Pete's insipid relationship with virginal Celia (Jordan Lane Price) on the internet soap. However, the digital sparks Wilson and fellow outstanding newbie Brooke Newton created when Pete and Colby were sexing up our second screens, had us needing to download an app for cooling down our laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Colby Supports Cassandra on All My Children

AJ (Eric Nelsen) played Tickle Me Elmo with Miranda (Denyse Tontz) until she demanded he stop or she’d upchuck.  I just don’t buy them as a romantic pairing. At the rate their friendship is going, one of these days I fully expect to see him braiding her hair while she decides what to dress him up in.

The two ended up on the beach, where AJ rubbed sunscreen on her. More tickling ensued, and they were soon interrupted by Heather (Stevie Steel) and some girls. Later, AJ went to get ice cream with Heather and left Miranda by herself. Of course, Hunter (Daniel Covin) and one of his friends showed up. The two started bullying Miranda about the size of her breasts and being a lesbian. All My Children REALLY needs to work the dialogue for its bullies. It is so stilted it's uncomfortable to watch.

Colby is Pine Valley’s Newest Maneater on All My Children

Colby (Brooke Newton) tracked Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) to Jane’s Addiction and tried to sink her claws deeper into the Cortlandt heir. However, he wasn’t going to let himself get entrapped and asked if she was interested in being friends with benefits. David (Vincent Irizarry) interrupted their conversation, so Colby left. David later found her and the two shared a drink.

Soap Stars Party it up at 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception (PHOTOS)

General Hospital’s Jimmy Deshler and the lovely Haley Pullos, Emily Wilson, Kelly Sullivan and Laura Wright joined soap stars from All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless to help kick off Daytime Emmy weekend at the Television Academy’s 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception on June 13 in Beverly Hills.  Check out more photos of your favorite soap stars after the jump!

Petey Plugs Into Colby’s USB Ports on All My Children

JR (Ryan Bittle) discovered AJ (Eric Nelsen) and David (Vincent Irizarry) at Jane’s Addiction. JR’s past crimes came up, as did his love for Babe (Alexa Havins).  JR told David he’d watched David’s press conference, and hoped the deal with Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) worked out. It was more than a little ironic for David to be the one talking about no one giving JR second chances, because David is at least on his tenth reputation rehabilitation. After AJ left, JR warned David he knew what he was trying to do with AJ, and wouldn’t let him get away with it.