Bernard’s “World” View: In Defense of Christopher Goutman

Several days ago, I posted an entry about the fallout from the death of Dr. Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) on As The World Turns. There were three central ideas in that piece. First, despite the very legitimate complaints that any given fan might have, ATWT is providing great human drama here at the end of its run. Second, Reid’s tragic passing and donation of his heart to Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) encapsulated that goal mainly by thrusting the Hughes’— the show’s core family since its very debut— front and center toward its conclusion. Third, given the soap opera wrapped production months ago, the idea of kicking a dead horse with unrelenting criticism isn’t going to make it win the Kentucky Derby.

I have not budged one iota from any of those positions and I am about to incur the wrath of a whole lot more of you by making what I know will be a very controversial statement to many: I believe that in these final days, executive producer Christopher Goutman has made mostly the right decisions.

Goutman Previews End of ‘World’ For TV Guide


SPOILER ALERT: Hang on to your hats boys and girls! TV Guide's  Michael Logan spoke with As The World Turns' Chris Goutman and got him to sing like a canary about what's to come in the final days of the soon-to-be defunct serial.
Barbara (Colleen Zenk) and Henry (Trent Dawson) will finally make it to the altar, reveals Goutman. "They are very flawed people but they know there's no other way to complete themselves other than being with each other. Their wedding will help heal the incredibly dysfunctional Ryan family and expunge the ghost of James Stenbeck (Anthony Hererra) once and for all. Once that ghost is put to rest, Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensely) and Paul (Roger Howarth) will be able to see through all their mishigas and finally realize they are meant for each other. They are going to raise Eliza together and be a family.


The Paley Center Says Goodbye To ATWT


Fans wanting to say adiós to Oakdale will have their chance next month. On Aug. 18, The Paley Center will host an event which will showcase clips from over the years and discuss how As The World Turns handled many real-life issues throughout the years. The following are slated to appear:

Chris Goutman
Jean Passanante
Terri Colombino
Trent Dawson
Kathryn Hays
Don Hastings
Eileen Fulton
Colleen Zenk Pinter
Van Hansis

For tickets and more information click here

ATWT Gives Helen Wagner Send-Off

In an interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, As The World Turns' executive producer Chris Goutman discusses the show's plans to honor the late Helen Wagner (Nancy). Goutman stated,
We decided not to go the traditional route in paying tribute to Nancy because she made it clear she didn't want anything fancy done," Goutman notes. "Instead, we pick up right after the ceremony with all the characters feeling like they need to do more for her. Casey takes the lead and challenges everyone to come up with a special way to honor Nancy, and that becomes our farewell episode.

Chris Goutman: “Our Show is Not Ready to Go”

Michael Logan from TV Guide Magazine interviewed As The World Turns executive producer Chris Goutman. They talked about the cancellation, finding a new home for the show and what's going to happen in Oakdale the coming months.

Was this out of the blue for you?
It’s a shame and it’s a shock because we absolutely thought we had a shot at another year. Our show is not ready to go because, creatively, we’re on a roll. We still have exciting stories in the works and we’re sticking to them. We’re not ready to start inviting back old favorites and do the nostalgia thing.

Chris Goutman: Jack and Carly Won’t Be The “Same-Old Same-Old”

TV Guide Magazine got the goods from As The World Turns' Chris Goutman about what's in store for a road trippin' Jack and Carly (Michael Park and Maura West) in the wake of Brad's death.  
Soul-searching tends to be done solo. Why have Carly come along?

This is a romance story, as well. We’re listening to the fans. They’ve been clamoring to see Jack and Carly get back together. It’s a soul-searching mission for him but she’s the one who brings him back to Oakdale. In fact, she’s really the only one who can bring him back. It’s like a reversal of the guy going to save the damsel-in-distress. But if we are to bring them back together they’ve got to come from new and different places. Jack can’t be judgmental anymore. Carly can’t be so devil-may-care. They have a lot of wear and tear and it won’t be an instantaneous getting together. They will have many obstacles to overcome. This is going to be a new incarnation of Jack and Carly, not the same-old same-old.
Listening to the fans, what a concept!

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Kim Zimmer Sounds Off About Guiding Light

In what one hopes will be the first of many, daytime's legendary and most outspoken actress Kim Zimmer granted Nelson Branco of an interview guaranteed to drop jaws! While the insightful and often hilarious talk covers everything from Ms. Zimmer's new TV-movie gig to her desire to be on Dancing with the Stars (Maksim, watch out!), it is her views on Guiding Light and its demise that are sure to raise eyebrows. Among La Zimmer's many quotables, this one stands out:
... if I was in Ellen Wheeler’s position, I would have said, “You are raping the show. No, I won’t produce GL this way.” I give Ellen credit for trying to be the second coming. [Laughs] I had a really hard time with the new production model because it affected how the writers wrote our show — and that killed us in the end.
If that wasn't enough, Zimmer's perspective adds an additional extra dimension to what killed GL: