Jay’s Guide to Recasting ATWT’s Lily While Smelling Like a Rose

Recasting a beloved soap character is never easy. Especially when much of the show’s current story and rich history revolves around the character in question. That being said, when a soap faces the dilemma of having to replace a wildly popular actress like Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder), the powers that be have to tread very carefully.
 Sure daytime is full of examples of successful recasts. Peter Bergman took over for the legendary Terry Lester on Y&R and made the role of Jack Abbott his own. Ditto Bergman’s co-star Jess Walton who made fans ask “Brenda who?” when she inherited the role of man-eater Jill Foster Abbott from Brenda Dickson. But for every Trevor St. John (who successfully replaced Roger Howarth as Todd on OLTL) there’s a Christina Chambers (the recent painful-to-behold incarnation of Susan Haskell’s signature role Marty Saybrooke also on OLTL). So if ATWT does decide to temp fate and recast Lily, here are a few prospective actresses I’d like them to give a look-see: