Watch Grimm’s 2013 Comic-Con Panel (VIDEO)

NBC has released videos of its 2013 Comic-Con panels, including its popular, Friday night hit Grimm. The mythological drama stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Bree Turner and former General Hospital favorite Claire Coffee (ex-Nadine). Coffee’s character, Adalind Schade, is pregnant with the child of a Grimm prince. She just isn't sure which of the two men is the father.

Watch Grimm’s Comic-Con 2013 panel and a red carpet video after the jump!

Soap Stars a’ Plenty Spotted at NBC’s 2013 Winter TCA Presentation! (PHOTOS)

Days of Our Lives’ Alison Sweeney and former General Hospital star Claire Coffee were two of the current and former soap stars who participated in NBC’s 2013 Winter TCA Presentation on January 6.  Sweeney hosts NBC's long-running reality hit The Biggest Loser; while Coffee is among the stars of Grimm.

Former Days of Our Lives star Lisa Rinna was also on hand, since she’s returning for the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. See more photos from NBC’s TCA Press Tour event after the jump!

Claire Coffee on Grimm Character: “Bitchier Beyond my Wildest Dreams”

Since leaving General Hospital, Claire Coffee has had a successful run on NBC’s Grimm as the villainess Adalind Schade. During NBC’s 2013 Winter TCA presentation, Coffee teased more of what’s to come for Adalind and shared her research into psychopaths for the manipulative character. TV Guide tweeted her comments from the event.

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Claire Coffee is Out For Revenge on Grimm’s Fall Finale!

Former General Hospital star Claire Coffee has had a successful run on NBC’s supernatural procedural Grimm as Adalind. This week, Adalind returns to Portland, Oregon looking for revenge.  TV Line previews what is in store on the November 16 fall finale.
“She’s avenging her mother’s death a bit, but I think for Adalind, it’s more [about] the shame that the captain put her through after she lost her powers,” Coffee says.

Watch a trailer for Grimm’s “Season of the Hexenbiest” after the jump!

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.01.09

Dominic/Dante… What’s in a name anyways? Apparently Dante wanted to protect his mother from his line of work and decided to change his name to Dominic. Protecting the innocent huh Dante? Well Olivia isn’t so innocent. She’s been keeping secrets from everyone about who Dante’s daddy is. How long will we have to wait this reveal out? Not sure but don’t expect for it to be out in the open just yet.

Claudia’s role in Dante’s story… Dominic wants Claudia to smooth things over with Sonny and get him on the inside. Will Sonny just give the man who held a gun on his boys and Carly a job? Really, what’s going to stop Sonny from killing Dominic on the spot? Obviously something does and it doesn’t appear to be the reveal that he’s actually Sonny’s son.

Kudos to Maurice Benard and Steve Burton… those scenes yesterday were the Sonny and Jason of old. So many emotions coming off them in waves. Is this a rare glimpse or a sign of what’s to come?

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.20.09

Who thinks there’s some scrambling going on at GH? The ratings suck, the storylines aren’t much better and fans are probably the most unhappy they’ve been in a very long time. Is any of this registering with TPTB? Some are saying it is and re-writes are in the works but my question is: Will the re-writes be in the right direction? GH, Guza, Frons, Jill… do they know what the right direction is? Past experiences tell me that they got off track a long time ago.

What’s going on with NotEmily? Some say she was never supposed to be the RealEmily and that this Rebecca character was meant to stick. Stick to what? Will this be a re-write? There’s some Rebecca – Lucky stuff RUMORED to be coming with those Nikolas-Elizabeth RUMORS mixed in. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO… Make the decision to have NotEmily be the RealEmily. Helena’s in town, use her to your advantage. Have Hells play a role in Emily’s death, explain away Diego admitting to killing her and spin the story in the brainwash direction. I know I never endorse the recycling of old storylines, but in this case, it’s your only option. Do I want a quad with the four musketeers? Not really but I’d be all for a triangle with Lucky-Emily-Nikolas.