Will Fenmore’s Antics WRECK Lauren and Michael’s Marriage on The Young and the Restless?


A father hellbent on preventing his son from going down the same unspeakable path he once traveled; a mother who refuses to believe her child could be guilty of the heinous crime he's being accused of commiting. No, this isn't the back page copy for Jodi Picoult's next best-selling novel, it's the saga of the Baldwins on The Young and the Restless

On today's episode, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael's (Christian LeBlanc) relationship continues to suffer, as what happened between Fen (Max Ehrich) and Jamie (Daniel Polo) on that roof divides the once-disgustingly happy couple. Watch a sneak peek below!

Summer Newman Delves Into Cyberbullying on The Young and The Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Summer Newman (Hunter Haley King) is definitely starting to become her mother Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) child. The teen schemer is still blazing mad about the affair her mother carried on with FBI Agent Ronan Malloy. (Jeff Branson) She decides it's time he gets some payback by way of his mentee, Jamie (Daniel Polo).
TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan spoke with head writer Josh Griffith and got the skinny on Summer's quest take down Ronan.
Summer is in such a screwed-up state over the divorce of her parents that she misguidedly decides to hurt Ronan by hurting this kid he cares so much about," says the soap's Emmy-winning head writer Josh Griffith. "She uses her phony online persona called 'Brittni' to form a relationship with Jamie and draw information out of him — deeply personal and hurtful stuff about his past troubles with the law — and then she blasts it out to everyone on FacePlace. She'll also be using texting and instant messaging to disparage him further.