David Andrew MacDonald on What Happened to Edmund

We Love Soaps' Damon Jacobs had a chance to visit with David Andrew MacDonald at the 23rd Annual Broadway Flea Market and Grand Auction about Edmund's lack of an ending on Guiding Light and his role in Mamma Mia.
We Love Soaps: Unlike most of the characters in Springfield, Edmund was kind of left out there floating. Everyone kind of got closure except for Edmund. What do you think Edmund's doing now?

David Andrew MacDonald: People have been asking me. I personally think I'm on the Amalfi Coast probably with a drink in my hand and with the millions and millions of dollars he never actually had during the run of the show. I figure he's started a few charitable foundations and he's just taking percentages off the top.

What or where do you think Edmund ended up? Share your own theories or ideas in the comments.

Farewell Guiding Light, Old Friend

September 18, 2009 is a day that will live forever in broadcast history. As we all know, it is the day the longest running television drama ever said "Goodbye" to the world. I watched the finale of Guiding Light with the heaviest of hearts. I couldn't believe this was the last time I would see Josh (Robert Newman) and Reva (Kim Zimmer) give each other those looks that could fry an egg on the street. I couldn't believe it was the last time I would see Alexandra Spaulding be absolutely fabulous on my screen. Don't forget to add some extra fabulous Fletcher Reade (Jay Hammer) on the side.

I can't tell you the pain in my heart when those infamous words "The End" flashed across the screen. It felt like I was losing apart of my soul. You see, Guiding Light was my grandmother's show. She watched all the soap operas and I do mean all of them, but The Guiding Light, as she called it, was her absolute favorite. Memories of watching this show with her when I was little came flooding back to me while watching the finale. Those are some of my best memories of her, watching her "story", The Guiding Light. She passed away about a year ago and watching Guiding Light helped me feel connected to her in a way. That connection is gone now that her show is gone. Losing Guiding Light is so much more than just losing another American soap opera, it's like losing a family member. I don't think it will truly hit me that my grandmother's show is gone until I turn on the television at 2 p.m. on Monday and nothing's guiding my light.

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part Four

The fourth in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th

The penultimate episode of Guiding Light was light on story, but extraordinarily high in emotion and closure — and there was one bit of ridiculousness about which, at this late date, I could ultimately only laugh.

Jill Lorie Hurst & Ellen Wheeler threw in so many twists, turns and delightful surprises that it was hard to keep up! Danny (Paul Anthony Stewart), Michelle (Nancy St. Alban) and Robbie moved back to Springfield! Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor) found out that he and Christina (Karla Mosely) really weren't married — again, only to be informed by the not-Mrs. Boudreaux that she is pregnant! Mel (Yvonna Wright) & Cryus (Murray Bartlett) burned up the well-worn sheets at the Beacon! Even Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) got accepted to college, which was a delightful shock, given that not only did I have no idea she had applied to a university, but was more shocked that she actually could read!

In some ways these developments were mere appetizers for two of the biggest, most emotionally satisfying payoffs Guiding Light could have ever delivered for its long time, faithful fans!

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part One

The first in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th.

These final weeks of Guiding Light have been pure torture to watch. I don't mean "the new production model" (a phrase I never hope to hear again in my lifetime) or Bonnie Dennison's (Daisy) futile attempts to remember her lines. No, what has been extraordinarily difficult for me as a viewer — who vividly remembers when Roger (Michael Zaslow) kidnapped Holly (Maureen Garrett) in the Caribbean and Ed (then Mart Hulswit) threw him off a cliff — is watching the series' stories come to their inevitable conclusions.