Did Richard Simmons and a “Campy” Nurses’ Ball Hurt General Hospital’s Daytime Emmy Chances?

General Hospital being shut out of the major Daytime Emmy races this year caused veteran soap opera journalist Carolyn Hinsey to put on her investigative cap. Here's a snippet of what she unconvered during a conversation with the telecast's executive producer David Michaels:
Carolyn: What’s your reaction to GH being shut out of the big categories?

David: I’ve got to admit I was shocked. It’s so difficult to watch so many great GH episodes throughout the year, and then have them not nominated. But I am very happy for the Prospect Park group. All My Children was very good, as well. I don’t know why they weren’t nominated, either.

Carolyn: GH submitted the Nurses’ Ball, and I know I’m not supposed to repeat this but some judges told me it was too campy. One even said, “Richard Simmons lost them the nomination.” Can you comment on that?

David: I shouldn’t [laughs]! All I can say is that a lot of the people who voted in that category don’t watch soaps – and the ones that do don’t watch all the episodes. Any entertainment professional can vote in the lead program categories. If they follow the rules, they are supposed to judge purely by the episode(s) submitted – not by the shows they may have watched all year. I realize that’s a little bit like the jury being told to “disregard that statement” but those are the instructions.

Daytime Emmy Producer Says Show Will Stream Online If No TV Deal is Made

Fire up your Rokus, your Apple TVs and/or that new thing-a-ma-jiggy from Amazon. Daytime Emmy executive producer David Michaels revealed to Soap Opera Network, NATAS may end up having to stream the 41st Annual Daytime Awards telecast online.

From the article:
"If for any reason we end up not being broadcast this year, we are going to live stream it,” Michaels emphasized for those wondering about the possibility of not being able to see their favorite stars collect their awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, June 22. Despite the possibility of not airing on television this year, Michaels does confirm that there is ongoing discussion to broadcast the show next year. “There is already a potential deal in place for the show to air in 2015, but I can’t guarantee that it is going to air in 2014.”