WATCH: Kroll Show Stages HILARIOUS Degrassi Parody! (VIDEO)

Poor Canada. First Justin Bieber shames them, now this!

Comedy Central’s Kroll Show includes an ongoing sketch that parodies Degrassi: The Next Generation. The serialized spoof is called Wheels, Ontario and stars comedian Nick Kroll as an awkward teen, Mikey, with a Bieber haircut. 
Last week’s episode focused on Sex Ed, but what made it really stand out was guest-star Lauren Collins, a.k.a Paige Michalchuk!  The Degrassi alum appeared as Mikey’s new love interest, Collette. 
Watch a clip after the jump!

Tyra Banks is Either A.) Rapping About Drake Or B.) Having One Gnarly Seizure on Steve Harvey (VIDEO)

How ever has daytime television survived without the creative gems once doled out five-days-a-week by Tyra Banks? The ex-talk show host—who once anointed herself Oprah's heiress apparent—recently appeared on Steve Harvey where she free-style rapped about her Disneyland date with rapper Drake.

No, I assure you, I am not high on Halloween candy. She actually did this. Watch the wacky clip after the jump!

Did Drake Murder Any of Tatyana Ali’s Body Parts? (VIDEO)


Amanda Bynes may have tweeted wishes for hip-hop star Drake to murder her vagina, but did he actually commit homicide on Tatyana Ali's nether regions? The Fresh Prince of Belair alum and The Young and the Restless guest star appeared on The Real, where she cleared things up about what went down between her and Drizzy. Watch the clip after the jump!


Chris Brown on Oprah Interview: “I’ve Been Invited; I Just Say No at This Point”

Don't hold your breath, waiting for an Oprah Winfrey sit-down with troubled, R&B singer Chris Brown. During an interview on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, Brown admitted the Mighty O has reached out to him for a one-on-one, but he’s refused, out of fear she may attack him over his 2009 abuse of girlfriend Rihanna. Brown stated:

"I’ve been invited, I just say no at this point. I’ll go to people that I’m comfortable with. I never wanna be in a situation where I feel like I’m attacked or I’m gonna be trapped. I think I’m paying for whatever I’ve done and I’ve learned from it and I’m moving forward, so I only want to surround myself with the people that are about positivity."

To find out what Brown has to say about his relationship with Rihanna today, and his feud with rapper Drake, watch the video below!

Tatyana Ali Talks One Night Stands and Possible Hook Up with Drake on Wendy Williams!


Tatyana Ali was back on daytime Tuesday, but not on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. The actress, who recurs as Devon's (Bryton James) galpal Roxanne on Y&R, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to plug the season finale of her smart, funny BET sitcom Second Generation Wayans.

The Fresh Princess of Belair also fielded questions about one night stands and a possible hook-up with teen soap star-turned-rapper Drake! Watch the interview below.