Lindsay Lohan KILLS IT on Chelsea Lately! (VIDEO)

Watch out, Chelsea Handler. A fresh-from-rehab Lindsay Lohan absolutely nailed her guest-hosting gig during Monday night's episode of Chelsea Lately.

The child soap star-turned-adult hot mess took her first step towards rebuilding what was once a promising career, by poking fun at basically everyone in Hollyweird, including herself!  Lohan also proved she has decent talking head chops, while interviewing fellow soap alum Dylan Bruce (As The World Turns, The Bay), who currently stars in the BBC hit Orphan Black. Watch a few clips of LiLo on Lately after the jump!


Lindsay Lohan Interviews Dylan Bruce on Chelsea Lately

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is making her return to television in a major way. Fresh from her stint in rehab, the actress is slated to guest host Chelsea Lately.

According to TMZ, Lohan is subbing for Chelsea Handler, while the comedian is on vacation. Lohan is set to interview former As The World Turns and The Bay star Dylan Bruce to discuss his red-hot, BBC series Orphan Black. Lohan and Bruce’s episode is set to air tonight.


Natalie Hall Books Lead in Hyped Up Hallmark Holiday Miniseries; Greg Vaughan, Dylan Bruce Also Star

The ABC Daytime soapers said they ain't letting the Mouse House's decision to rinse themselves of their suds slow their roles. All My Children lovely Natalie Hall has booked the lead in Love's Christmas Journey, a Hallmark Channel miniseries based on the series of Love Comes Softly books by Janette Oke. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress who plays society princess-turned-Vlogger Colby Chandler on AMC, will portray Ellie King, a young, pioneer widow mourning her husband and daughter. Okay, so it's not a comedy.

Charles Shaughnessy’s Elliot is One Step Closer to Finding Out Who Raped His Daughter on The Bay

Keith (Real Andrews) is still trying to run game on Marley's (Martha Madison) nanny, Colleen (Daphne Bloomer) in the latest installment of The Bay. Will he make good on his promise to help her reconnect with her biological daughter Vivian (Tanisha Lynn), or is he just trying to get in her drawers?

Meanwhile, Elliot (Charles Shaughnessy) is trying to help his daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) remember more about what happened the night she was raped. And of course we can't forget Brian (Dylan Bruce) and Zoey's (Taylor Stanley) potentially explosive engagement party! Cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs mad bomber Igor (Camden Toy) is holding fast to his claims that he and Brian were getting busy on the low-low. Is the seemingly-scorned whackadoodle really crazy enough to blow Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) her family, friends and frenemies to kingdom come? Watch below to find out.

DC Exclusive: The Bay Creator on Moving Poems and Letters From ATWT Fans, Mary Beth Evans and Being Praised by TV Guide!

The Bay returns this Wed., Sept. 29 at 3 pm EST, with not one, but two soapgasmic webisodes back-to-back! I recently caught up with creator Gregori J. Martin to discuss his buzz-generating, dream sudser come to life. In part one of a two-part chat, Martin reacts to The Bay being named one of the "Shows Worth Watching" by TV Guide Magazine. He also shares a moving account of all the letters and poems he's received from fans of the recently-cancelled CBS sudser As The World Turns, thanking him for offering them a new soap home.

Martin then reveals what's coming up for three former World Turners, who happen to play pivotal roles on The Bay—Marie Wilson (ex-NutMeg, ATWT), who will appear near the end of the first season as the mysterious Claire, Dylan Bruce (ex-Chris Hughes, ATWT), as troubled golden boy Brian Nelson and of course, one of daytime's most beloved superstars— Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS; ex-Sierra, ATWT; ex-Katherine, GH) as The Bay's central antiheroine Sara Garrett.

Martin expresses what it means to have Evans involved in the soap opera he's been working on for over a decade, not only as the star, but a producer. He also shares  what drives Sara Garrett—despite all her faults—is her unwavering love for her three children by three different men. Martin also has kind words for all the web series pioneers who've inspired him, such as Andrew Miller and Eden Riegel (Imaginary Bitches), Martha Byrne (Gotham) and Crystal Chappell (Venice), while explaining how his 80's-themed pot boiler is unique.

Daytime Confidential: Congrats on being named Number 9 in TV Guide Magazine's "What's Worth Watching" Guide for their Sept 20–26 issue! That has to feel good?

Gregori J. Martin: Thank you. That came as a very, very big surprise. A few days after The Bay premiered, the magazine came out. It was pretty exciting! TV Guide actually reached out to us. It's funny because I have my personal email linked to The Bay website's email, so sometimes it takes me a few days to get through all the emails, and I almost missed the note from them! [Laughs] The reporter said she'd been hearing a lot of positive things about The Bay, and she wanted some pictures. I sent her the link to our Photo Bucket account. I didn't even know what was happening. Then I saw the magazine. It was amazing to be picked by TV Guide as a show worth watching with all the great new and returning Fall shows.