Former Days of Our Lives Star Dylan Patton Arrested For Selling Cocaine

Former Days of Our Lives star Dylan Patton (ex-Will Horton) has been arrested for allegedly selling cocaine from his house, according to TMZ.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops got wind that the 20-year-old was allegedly selling coke out of his Agoura Hills home, so they sent an undercover cop in a few days ago to make a purchase.  We're told deputies then got a search warrant and raided the house this morning.

Days of Our Lives, The Enjoyment Factor

As I write this I’m battening down the hatches and looking for a shovel to dig myself an underground bunker, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to be the voice of unpopular opinion. Let me explain.

When deciding which soaps I enjoy most or discover I'm most interested in watching on my DVR when I get home, I look at two things, quality (writing and acting) and enjoyment. These two can be in the same, or entirely different. The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live fall under the “quality” umbrella. I enjoy them because the writing is on fire and the acting is superb. On the other hand, I can enjoy some soaps at a gut level even though they may not have as good of writing or as strong acting. Call it “the show I like, but no one else seems to” factor. This is how I feel about Days of Our Lives.

On this week’s CBS and Days of Our Lives podcast episode (which should air on Thursday) I reveal that Days of Our Lives is currently my third favorite soap, even beating out the drastically improved Guiding Light and my version of As the World Turns. This is something I have refused to admit, even to myself, for some time. If I did, might it mean I’ve succumbed to Dena Higley’s evil charms?

Introducing the New Will Roberts

Here he is folks, the newest teen actor to join Days of Our Lives.  Meet 16-year-old Dylan Patton who has been cast to play Will Roberts.  You may have seen Dylan in episodes of Cold Case and That's So Raven.  In 2008 he filmed the movies So Others May Live and First Strike.

Dylan will appear on our screens from February 27.  No word yet as to how his return will play into current storylines, but I still think he could turn out to be the father of Mia's baby... Leave your comments below!