DC #595: Eileen Fulton Interview

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast, she was television's first Super Bitch, Lisa Miller on As The World Turns for the better part of five decades, now the legendary Eileen Fulton is back to doing what she loves best, performing her sassy, fun cabaret act throughout New York City.

Luke and Jamey caught up with Fulton just in time to dish about her upcoming Christmas show I Remember...or At Least I Try this Friday night, Dec. 17 beginning at 7 pm. at Don't Tell Mama (343 West 46th Street) in New York City. Fulton offers a preview of the tunes and stories she plans to enchant her legions of fans with and also regales the DC boys with several of infamous soap stories, like:

The time she got hit in the face by a fan who hated Lisa.

What really fueled her clashes with ATWT creator Irna Phillips?

What it was like to take the character of Lisa from daytime to primetime to compete with ABC's Peyton Place on Our Private World?

Which ATWT scribe truly got what made Lisa tick?

And so much more. Fulton also sounds off on daytime execs maddening penchant for putting veteran performers out to pasture in favor of newbies. As if that wasn't enough, Fulton provides fans the opportunity to win tickets to her show via a Facebook contest. This podcast is the ultimate treat for As The World Turns fans still mourning the loss of their iconic soap!

Ex-ATWT Stars Find Their Next Acts

Former As the World Turns vixens Terri Colombino and Maura West (pictured above with Jake Silbermann, Eileen Fulton and Michael Park) have found work on other soaps, but in an excellent piece entitled "Stay Tuned for Soap Stars’ Next Acts" ,The New York Times takes a look what your other favorite former ATWT stars are doing to keep busy these days.
Two years later Mr. Silbermann began writing a short film script about a drug-smuggling American soldier returning from Iraq. He gave himself a secondary (but juicy) role as a tattooed, slightly demented drug connection. “I knew at the very least it would improve my reel,” Mr. Silbermann said.

With more than $50,000 raised through the online fund-raising site Kickstarter (and the loyalty of generous Nuke fans) Mr. Silbermann and the director, Nathan Crooker, shot “Stuffer” over four days last summer. The film, which Mr. Silbermann hopes to expand to feature length, won the jury prize for best short film at the Royal Flush Festival last month.

“I am, in a word, encouraged,” Mr. Silbermann said.

Cleveland Plain Dealer on the End of “The World”, Soaps

Mark Dawidziak interviewed TV Guide's Michael Logan and TV historian/author Robert J. Thompson for the Cleveland Plain Dealer about As The World Turns going off the air this coming Friday after 54 years. The article dove into what the end of the "world" means for serialized drama.
"It was the show that invented so much of the soap form -- the pregnant pauses, sitting around having coffee while talking about your problems, the big dramatic freeze before a commercial," Logan said. "Even people who didn't know anything about soap operas knew this title. And if you didn't watch it, this seems to be the one your mom or your grandmother watched. "

Eileen Fulton on As The World Turns’ Finale: “It’s Marvelous”!

TV Guide's Michael Logan chatted with As The World Turns' Eileen Fulton about what fans can expect for the show's final episode.
TV Guide Magazine: How is the finale itself? Will the audience be satisfied?

Fulton: It's marvelous! Very touching without being drippy. [Executive producer] Chris Goutman did a good thing — I just love him! — and I was very proud of everybody. It's a beautifully written script and a great tribute to Helen Wagner. There are some wonderful old scenes with her character, Nancy, that the fans are gonna love. [Wagner, who uttered the very first words on ATWT, died last May]. I wish Helen had known how much I appreciated and admired her.

The Paley Center Says Farewell to As the World Turns

The Paley Center bid As the World Turns and its cast a fond farewell on August 18 in New York City. Executive producer Chris Goutman and head writer Jean Passanante were joined by ATWT stars Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays, Eileen Fulton, Colleen Zenk, Terri Colombino, Van Hansis, Trent Dawson, Mick Hazen and former ATWT star Austin Peck (pictured above). Former Guiding Light star Robert Newman also attended the event. See more photos from The Paley Center's As the World Turns fairwell after the jump!

The Paley Center Says Goodbye To ATWT


Fans wanting to say adiós to Oakdale will have their chance next month. On Aug. 18, The Paley Center will host an event which will showcase clips from over the years and discuss how As The World Turns handled many real-life issues throughout the years. The following are slated to appear:

Chris Goutman
Jean Passanante
Terri Colombino
Trent Dawson
Kathryn Hays
Don Hastings
Eileen Fulton
Colleen Zenk Pinter
Van Hansis

For tickets and more information click here

ATWT: Checking Out of The (Vienna) Hyatt

Today’s episode was a typical “treading water” day in the life of a daytime drama winding up its final days. With tons of exposition and repetition, the news of Vienna’s pregnancy deception and other shenanigans, Henry’s relationship with and long overdue publicly admitted love for Barbara, and Katie’s attempts to make right her role in the whole fiasco rocketed through Oakdale faster than tweets about Sarah Palin’s hilariously absurd forays into neologism.

Henry confronted Vienna about Barbara’s whereabouts. Katie told Margo, Will and Gwen about Vienna and Barbara and Henry. Will confronted Henry about Barbara. Alison told Casey about Vienna. Folks ran around in various combinations telling each other the same information several times throughout the episode. Perhaps the best reaction of learning of Vienna’s pregnancy scam came from a genuinely shocked, appalled, and disappointed Kim, who laced into a semi-penitent/self-justifying Chris about his role in the cover-up and its consequences. Of course, one must ask if anyone in Oakdale has heard of texting, Facebook, or Twitter in this day and age, but then this kind of “shocking news spreads through town like wildfire” episode is the kind of thing that soaps used to do so well. 

This brings me to a point about Henry (Trent Dawson) and Barbara’s (Colleen Zenk Pinter, who has been extraordinary) love being thwarted by the “evil” machinations of Vienna (Ewa de Cruz): I like it. Correction. I love it!