Are You Ready For TOLN’s New Season of All My Children? (VIDEO)

TOLN isn’t leaving anything to chance with its new promo telling All My Children fans to get ready for the soap's return on April 29. The network has released a promo that heavily features classic scenes of beloved characters, such as Bianca (Eden Riegel), Angie (Debbi Morgan), Jesse (Darnell Williams), Zach (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Julia Barr), Adam (David Canary), Dixie (Cady McClain), Joe (Ray MacDonnell), Tad (Michel E. Knight), Myrtle (Eileen Herlie) and the dastardly David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry).

I couldn’t help but choke up rewatching Bianca’s coming out to Erica (Susan Lucci). The first nine minutes are a wonderful reminder of All My Children’s past, while the last minute gives viewers a taste of what’s to come. Prospect Park's All My Children premieres on iTunes and Hulu on April 29. Watch the promo after the jump!

AMC’s Zach Slater is PIG VOMIT! Bring on Rendall!

Regan asked you guys earlier if you were ready for a Rendall Redux and from the looks of things, DC readers aren't trying to feel a reunion between Ryan and Kendall on All My Children, but I sure am! Those promos are taking me right back to the magic that was Rendall! Alicia Minshew and Cameron Mathison have always sparkled together onscreen, and they still do.
It was an abyssmal mistake to ever inject Green-Me (Rebecca Budig) into Ryan and Kendall's orbit. As for Zach (Thorsten Kaye), my ability to tolerate The Cambias That Ate Pine Valley died with Myrtle Fairgate (the late Eileen Herlie).

Zach is a Grade-A jackass, who thinks he should never pay for anything he does! He shot Kendall's poor, unaborted brother through the head and showed about as much remorse as a celebutante after her sex tape is "leaked".

Remembering Eileen Herlie

I don't know about you all but I had a hard time getting through All My Children's tribute to Eileen Herlie. I truly wish I were older in order to be able to remember some of the wonderful moments as depicted in the crystal ball.  Share your favorite Myrtle or Eileen Herlie memories after the jump.

Lauren Holly: “Nothing Good Can Come From Daytime TV”

Sigh. Another star who once reaped the rewards of a gig in daytime is now dissing the medium. All My Children alum Lauren Holly, she of such big screen gems as Dumb and Dumber, revealed to our pal TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco that she feels the soap opera genre, which has been hugely successful for much of it's 70-plus years in broadcasting and could very well be again if certain execs got out of the way, is basically designed to well, suck. Hmm, tell that to fans of late Doug Marland, the late Bill Bell, Claire Labine and of course, Agnes Nixon who created All My Kids.

Here's Holly's defeatest quote:

I know you love the genre, Nelson, but nothing good can come from daytime TV. The entire medium is set up to work against good writing and acting.”

Robin Christopher Returning to All My Children?

When Robin Christopher (Skye Chandler Quartermaine) left General Hospital there was plenty of speculation that the actress would return to her All My Children roots. Those rumors fizzled out over the last few months until today that is! Our buddy Nelson Branco reported in his latest Suds Report that Christopher may be heading back to Pine Valley for Myrtle's (Eileen Herlie) funeral. Well, if she accepts ABC's invite she'll be back.

The Wind Done Gone

JR, Angie, Babe, Krystal

In the history of disaster cinema, no two movies illustrate the great divide between campy greatness and head scratching exclamations of "What was the %#^#*%* point?" than Irwin Allen's 1972 The Poseidon Adventure and Wolfgang Petersen's 2006 remake, Poseidon.

For all of The Poseidon Adventure's over the top excess, the original chronicle of the desperate escape efforts of trapped survivors aboard the fictional capsized ocean liner was filled with heart, unpredictability in the fates of who would live or die and we were invested in characters that we grew to care about or despise within a short period of time.

As much as we laugh at Shelley Winters' Olympic swim through the ship, there still is hardly a dry eye in the house when she succumbs to the stress of the effort and dies. On the other hand, the remake was enjoyable on its own merits but burned through its story so fast that it was nearly impossible to care about the fates of its survivors. When Freddy Rodriquez's waiter suddenly plummets to his death, who cares? If all of them died at the end of Petersen's version, it would have been a pleasant surprise.

This brings us to ABC's much hyped 2008 remake of the tornado storyline which ripped through Pine Valley in 1994, heralding the "official" arrival as Charles Pratt as All My Children's new head writer. Fitting somewhere between the technological successes and dramatic failures of the two tales of the Poseidon, so far this tornado is swerving between a lot of hot air and a gust of breaking wind.