Raquel Welch Says Liz Taylor Didn’t Blame Her For Richard Burton’s Randy Ways (VIDEO)

Eternal sex bomb Raquel Welch has starred with many a matinee idol in her storied career. Sinatra. Burt Reynolds. You name him, she's heaved her bountiful bosoms at him in a flick or two!

Last week on CBS Daytime's The Talk, the House of Versace star dished about her former leading men, revealing Dame Elizabeth Taylor never held her responsible for Richard Burton's shameless flirting on the set of Bluebeard. Watch The Talk's co-hosts get the grape juice from Welch after the jump!


Can Lifetime’s Liz and Dick Turn Things Around For Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan has been through a lot since her early days on Another World. There have been ups: The Parent Trap,  Mean Girls. There have been downs: Anytime she gets behind the wheel of a car. Now the tabloid favorite is attempting a comeback in Lifetime's Liz & Dick, premiering in November.

Watch a  couple of sneak peeks below, then sound of in the comments. Do you think Liz & Dick will turn things around for LiLo?

Grant Bowler Joins Lindsay Lohan in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick

The question of who will play Richard Burton in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic Liz & Dick has finally been answered. According to Deadline, Trueblood star Grant Bowler has been cast in the pivotal role opposite of Lindsay Lohan, who portrays Elizabeth Taylor.  Reportedly,

Bowler wowed them with his tape. “Grant will add gravitas to our couple and bring to life one of the greatest actors who has ever lived,” Thompson said.

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Anthony Geary Issues Statement on Liz Taylor’s Passing

As the world mourns the passing of silver screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, friends and actors who worked with her are sharing their memories, in tribute of the legend. General Hospital’s Tony Geary released a statement about Taylor, who originated the role of his onscreen nemesis Helena Cassadine.

Elizabeth was more than a great star, she was an amazing human being. Her world famous physical beauty paled in comparison to the beauty that radiated from her heart and soul. She had great humor, didn’t take herself too seriously, and had the most wonderful bawdy laugh. She was a fierce and loyal friend and tireless advocate. She dedicated herself to education, treatment and the search for a cure for HIV/AIDS long before it was fashionable to do so. Back in the dark days of ignorance and prejudice against people stricken with the disease, Elizabeth was at the forefront of the battle. Ever ready to give love, comfort, and dignity to those whose lives had been devastated and cut short, her generosity was nothing short of spectacular. It made her furious to hear anyone claim that people who had HIV/AIDS were somehow morally inferior or that the disease was some kind of punishment. I was fortunate enough to call her my friend and every moment I spent in her company was unforgettable. I loved her very much. The world is a little darker, a little colder, a little less beautiful without her.


BREAKING NEWS: Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

One of pop culture's most unforgettable figures, Elizabeth Taylor has died. She was 79. According to USA Today, the legendary actress entered Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles two months ago for treatment for congestive heart failure.

Born in the Hampstead district of North West London, Taylor's parents were originally from Kansas. The family returned to the U.S. before the start of the second World War. Here in the states, Taylor became an in demand child actress, appearing in such films as There's One Born Every Minute, Lassie Come Home, Jane Eyre, The White Cliffs of Dover and National Velvet, the latter of which made her an international star.   

Taylor's adult filmography proved second only to her real-life soap opera romances in terms of legendary status. She won two Academy awards during her storied career, one in 1961 for Best Actress for Butterfield 8 and again in 1967 for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She also was afforded a special Oscar in 1992 for her humanitarian efforts in the fight against AIDS.

In 1981, Taylor contacted the brass at the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital, demanding to know when her favorite couple, Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) and Laura Vining Webber Baldwin (Genie Francis) would finally be married. According to then-head writer Thom Racina—who had no plans to marry the popular couple at the time— he told Taylor he would write a wedding for Luke and Laura if she appeared on the soap. Helena Cassadine was born and Luke and Laura's wedding went on to be the most-watched hour in daytime television history. Take a look at a funny, charming outtakes reel of the legend's appearance as Helena below. The world has truly lost a treasure.


DC Interview: Tony Geary on Liz Taylor: “I’ll Always Cherish Her”

Silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor is once again the talk of Tinsletown, what with her rumored engagement (which she denies), and the recent revelation by soap superstar Tony Geary (with whom Taylor briefly appeared on General Hospital for Luke and Laura's legendary wedding storyline in the 80's) that the two had been lovers. I caught up with Geary at the recent ABC/SOAPnet Broadway Cares event and got the skinny on why he chose to reveal his romance with Taylor to talk queen Wendy Williams after all these years.

Daytime Confidential: On Wendy Williams, you revealed recently your romance with Elizabeth Taylor. How did you manage to keep your affair with her under wraps for so long, especially being in the entertainment industry?

TG: Well nobody's asked in 20 years so it wasn't that hard. I'll always cherish her, and I'll always be fond of her. I don't like any of that tabloid mess. Unless you have telepathy, my life's pretty much closed. Wendy has a way of... [Trails off]