Eyal Podell on 24

Sebastian Roché (ex-Jerry Jacks, General Hospital) and Annie Wersching (ex-Amelia, General Hospital) aren't the only daytime stars to appear on this season of 24. I'm a bit behind on 24 this season, but I had a chance to watch it live last night and all of a sudden I spotted  Eyal Podell (ex-Adrian Korbel, The Young and the Restless) as what appears to be one of the bad guys. I wasn't the only who noticed him, Daytime Confidential reader Jenna also spotted the former daytime star. It's unfortunate that The Young and the Restless wasn't able to figure to keep Korbel around.

Eyal Podell’s Prime Time Line Up

Former Young and Restless star Eyal Podell has been a busy man since his time in Genoa City came to an end. The actor will be appearing on Fox's 24 as a government operative and on CW's The Game as a possible love interest to one of the main character's of the show, Kelly (Brittany Daniel).

Podell has also landed role on Defying Gravity, a new show appearing on Fox. The star will play Dr. Evram Mintz, a boozing doctor who also is a war-tested surgeon with a degree in psychiatry. The show is a futuristic drama that sets around eight astronauts from all walks of life that participate in a enigmatic international space mission for six years. The astronauts soon realize that their assignment isn't what is seems to be. Check your TV Guide for dates and times.

“The Young and The Restless” star taken off contract

The Young and the Restless
star, Eyall Podell has been moved to recurring status. According to reports the actor has been taken off contract status and felt that his character Adrian Krobel wasn't given a fair shake to gain momentum and become a more lasting staple with Y&R.

Viewers may recall that Professor Korbel hasn't had the best year in Genoa City. Due to ex girlfriend Colleen and father Brad's interference his book was shelved, published article for Restless Style, was altered into a tabloid nightmare and was dumped by Colleen to boot. After having a one night stand with bad girl Amber, Korbell was seen telling her that he was leaving for Main.