Why DAYS Needs Matt Ashford

How time flies; 20 years on soap years can seem like an eternity.  How quickly a 20-year relationship, romance and then marriage, can be turned upside down and onto its head without any explanation at all. When shows make changes to their writing team or production crew, they run the risk of losing focus to their television serials structure, backbone and history. Unfortunately, we have seen the sudden cancellation of two daytime soap operas – One Life To Live and All My Children, serials that have brought television drama into the homes of many for generations.
There is no doubt that the soap opera industry is fighting for survival. Only a handful of daytime soaps remain on screen or tied to a tight contract – Days of Our Lives is one of them. Several new storylines have begun to form on the show, which has seen viewer outrage and backlash, one in particular that story of Jennifer Rose Horton (Melissa Reeves) and her sudden loss of love for her husband Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford).

Remembering DAYS’ Alice Horton

On Friday’s tearful episode of Days of our Lives Salem’s residents said goodbye to Alice Horton (Frances Reid) as she was laid to rest. The scenes, which brought back many familiar faces and fan favorites, featured flashbacks of Alice with her beloved husband Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) as well as other pivotal DAYS’ characters. I must admit all the flashbacks had me heading for YouTube to find even more. I couldn’t help but get a bit misty-eyed as her loved ones each shared what she meant to them before placing flowers on her casket. Rest in peace Alice, Salem won’t be the same without you.

Share your favorite Alice Horton memories in the comments and see screencaps from Friday's episode after the jump.

Bill And Susan Seaforth Hayes Dish “Wonderful” DAYS Returns

Days of Our Lives legends Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie Williams) discussed returning to the show for the upcoming memorial of Alice Horton (Frances Reid) with Days Insider at NBC.com.

Days Insider: What has it been like reuniting with some of the actors returning to the show?

Susan: It's been wonderful. We had a moment when Ken Corday was on the stage, and he had been watching the scenes being filmed. He's usually not on the set, but this time he was. He begin snapping photos of all of us, and the more photos he took, the more actors gathered around to be in his photos. Ken kind of felt like a dad taking a photo of all his kids. It was a sentimental and emotional moment.

Bill: This whole experience, which has now been 40 years for me is like a family. It may be cliché to say, but it really is a second family. To have all of these actors back for the memorial, it's like seeing some of the closest people in your life. So many wonderful characters back on the show, it was great to see. I love the fact the writers brought them back for this special tribute.

The couple also revealed what viewers are in store for once Alice's memorial finally hits the screens.

DAYS Cast Remember Frances Reid With ET Online


Entertainment Tonight Online walked down memory lane with some of the cast members of Days of Our Lives. The cast shared their fondest stories about the late Frances ReidPeter Reckell  (Bo) states,
We always got in trouble [when we worked together] because we would be laughing about something and get in trouble with the producers. Frances was very, very funny.
Renee Jones (Lexie) recalls a funny story about Reid. Jones said,
When Frances would come around … I didn't work with her very often. Whenever I saw her, I would be on my Ps and Qs because this woman demanded respect. [One time,] she was saying her lines, and she says, "Oh, #$#%." That was so cool, because it showed what a down-to-earth person she was. Working with her, you would never know she conquered stage and the big screen. She never made you feel as if you were beneath her. To me, that is class.

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MORE Fan Faves Return to Salem!


An all-star studded cast will make their return to Days of Our Lives for Grandma Horton's (Frances Reid) funeral. Published reports are confirming former DAYS stars,  Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Christie Clark (Carrie), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura), Lisa Trusel (Melissa), Maree Cheatham (Marie)  Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Patsy Pease (Kimberly), and Roark Critchlow (Mike) are all heading back to Salem to say goodbye to Alice. No word on their airdates.
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Ken Corday Gives Details About DAYS Remembering Frances Reid


Days of Our Lives showrunner Ken Corday revealed in an exclusive interview with Soap Opera Digest how the show will deal with the passing of Frances Reid and her character. Corday says,

We'll most likely have an internal memorial service for her sometime in the next month, he says. The way we're going to deal with her death on screen is we're not going to one day walk downstairs, as it was with Mickey, and say, ‘Oh, Grandma's dead' and then have a day or two where everyone comes to the show and we have a funeral and you cut to Marie for one line and Doug and Julie for one line and it really becomes 'lip service' to such a great character. So, what we've decided to do is we will play her as being ill and the end is coming and one by one, characters who loved her dearly or are related to her, from the past, will come to the show and 'visit' with her. You can start to imagine the list."

For more on what DAYS will do to honor Alice and Reid, check out Soap Opera Digest.

DAYS Flashback: Goodbye Alice

Goodbye Alice. Let’s reflect and remember Frances Reid bringing the character of Alice Grayson Horton to our television sets for over 40 years and who passed away on February 3. Reid’s portrayal of the Horton matriarch Alice was the cornerstone of Days of our Lives, the pillar of the Horton family and the face of Salem.

On a personal level, I was saddened to hear the news when it broke across the daytime industry. I was overwhelmed with a sudden feeling of loss, a piece of my very own personal memory from my favourite soap on television now gone. Alice’s early life in 1965 Salem revolved around her five children, Addie (who in 1974 was killed), Mickey, Bill, Marie (who became a nun) and Tommy (who had been presumed dead in Vietnam). Alice was our donut queen, the beloved grandmother to many, including Hope Williams, Jennifer, Mike and Melissa Horton. Alice also shared a special bond with Addie’s two daughters, Hope and Julie and Mickey’s widow, Maggie Simmons Horton.