LIVE BLOGGING: Graham Shiels on Nip/Tuck!

Graham Shiels is on Nip/Tuck bitches!

He vants to lick your blood!

Why in the name of Dracula didn't GH offer this guy a contract?

He and his girl are some kinky mo fos! I haven't watched Nip/Tuck in like three seasons, because they SO jumped the shark, so F/X should thank Graham for bringing me back tonight!

Kanye West 's song is the perfect theme for this show with Christian Troy's ego!

Sean's making dinner for some chick.

What's up with the orange scrubs?

Bo Duke?!

Agh! AnnaLynne McCord sighting!

Why is Christian's girl having a threesome with Bo Duke and that no acting girl from 90210?

Slap Bo again Daisy, er Kimber! They know they were wrong for that Confederate Flag on the General Lee!

Graham Shiels Takes a Bite Out of Tonight’s Nip/Tuck Season Finale

One of my favorite DC interviews, Graham Shiels (ex-Cody, General Hospital; General Hospital: Night Shift), is taking quite the bite out of Hollyweird. After playing sex-crazed vampire baddie Liam on True Blood, and beating Jim Carrey to a bloody pulp on the big screen in Yes Man, Shiels is the guest lead on tonight's season finale of Nip/Tuck.

"I play a guy who believes he's a vampire," Shiels says, laughing. "What is it with the vampire roles? I'm starting to believe I'm being typecast!"

Check out Shiels tonight on Nip/Tuck at 9 pm C/10 ET. While you're watching the show, log on to DC where I'll be live-blogging!

Graham Shiels Has Our Numb3rs Tonight on CBS

The coolest guy General Hospital never gave a decent storyline to, Graham Shiels, is back on primetime tonight on Numb3rs. "I'm playing a henchman to an illegal arms dealer: prototype chump of the week. Haha." Shiels says on his My Space blog. Shiels is appearing on the hit CBS procedural Numb3rs tonight at 9 PM C/10 PM ET. Photo By Josh Negrin.

Michael B. Jordan on Burn Notice

Ever wonder what happened to Reggie (Michael B. Jordan) after he went off to music camp? Turns out he ended up in Burn Notice's Miami with a little sister. I've been watching Burn Notice since the first episode so it has been great to see current and former soap stars Graham Shiels and now Michael B. Jordan pop up on the second season USA Network show. You can watch the episode at Fancast.
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DC: Exclusive Graham Shiels Previews Tonight’s Burn Notice

General Hospital and True Blood alum Graham Shiels gave me a sneak peek of tonight's season premiere of Burn Notice, which he will be guest starring in.

"I play a pharmaceutical drug dealer," says Shiels. "Basically every episode the protagonists run a counter scams on scammers and this time I'm the victim of the counter scam."

Shiels goes on to say filming the episode was a treat because it teamed him up with fellow Yale School of Drama graduate Matthew Humphries.

"The director [Matt Nix] kept joking around about having two Yale Drama grads on the set," Shiels laughs. "Matt Humpries and I kept saying only one of us would reign supreme!"

Tune in to Burn Notice at 9C/10E to see who comes out on top!