INTERVIEW: Guillermo Diaz Previews What’s Next For Scandal’s “Ride-Or-Die Gladiators”

Scandal left its fans in suspense after its cliffhanger-filled midseason finale. Guillermo Diaz, who had one of this television season’s most memorable scenes when his character Huck yanked out a couple of Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) teeth, previewed what’s next for the tortured torturer. He also shared his thoughts on Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) future, and revealed why B613 will continue to be terrifying no matter who is in charge.

Daytime Confidential: All hell broke loose in the Scandal midseason finale. What’s next for Huck?

Guillermo Diaz: The first episode you guys are going to see in February, you’re going to see Huck is still struggling with the fact he tortured Quinn and I don’t think he feels bad about that. What he feels bad about is that he knows Olivia is going to be really upset. So I think he’s embarrassed in front of her, kind of like when you have a dog that chewed up a shoe, or did something bad and he knows he did something bad, so they kind of have their head down. Honestly, we’re only one episode ahead of the episode you guys are going to see in February. So we don’t know that much more. We’ve only shot one. We’re shooting the next one right now. So we don’t know that much more that happens, but it’s exciting. Scott Foley, Jake, is the head of B613 now. That’s going to be a really interesting storyline. You kind of see Jake not as dark as Huck, but you start to see little glimpses of the darkness that shows through. It’s really cool how they’re doing that. It’s fun.

Olivia Scrambles to Fix Her Own Mess on the Winter Finale of Scandal (PROMO)

This week’s Scandal will explore the fallout from last week's revelation that Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) mother is a terrorist. 
Olivia will do whatever it takes to make sure Maya (Khandi Alexander) is taken back into custody.  Meanwhile, Quinn (Katie Lowes) is still on her quest to make amends for betraying Huck (Guillermo Díaz) and the team. 
Watch the high-charged promo after the jump! 

Sherri Shepherd Goes Scandal Fan Girl Gaga Over Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes (VIDEO)

Sherri Shepherd almost needed her smelling salts when two stars of ABC's addictive primetime sudser, Scandal visited The View on Monday. I really can't say that I blame her; I mean it was Guillermo Diaz (Huck) and Katie Lowes (Quinn)!

Did the ladies of The View get any scoop out of the stars? Is Huck about to carve Quinn like leftover Thanksgiving turkey for getting mixed up with the sinister B613? Watch the clip after the jump to find out if any Gladiator tea was spilled!

LIVE BLOG: Scandal Season 3 Premiere

Suit Up Gladiators! It's finally here! The season 3 premiere of ABC's hottest show Scandal airs tonight, and I will be here to live blog it all. Join me when the show starts at 10E/9C for all the "twisty crazy good" drama. Drop me a line in the comments on what you expect to see on tonight's episode!

Here We Go! I've been waiting for this all summer.

We start with a slew of reports of Olivia Pope being outed as Fitz's mistress. We flash between The White House and OPA. OPA seems to be doing damage control. They are unplugging the phones and locking the doors.

Rowan and Olivia are in the car. He makes a crack about her being quiet and wishing she should have been as a child. They go to an airport hanger and Rowan reads Olivia for filth. He goes on about The White House not protecting her when this comes out, and her believing Fitz loved her.

Oh My God! Rowan just reduced Olivia to the Pope to a small child. I don't even know what's happening. This is insanity. He forced Olivia to say she has to be "Twice as Strong". Rowan has a whole plan for Olivia to go away for good until he can get things back together.