Erica Kane, J.R. Ewing and Barnabas Collins Among TV Guide’s 60 Nastiest TV Villains

Who are the 60 Greatest TV Villains of All-Time? TV Guide Magazine's Bruce Fretts and Matt Roush listed their picks for the dubious distinctions in the March 25-April 7 issue of the magazine.

It should come as no surprise that many suds evil-doers made the cut, including Dallas' late, great J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) at No.1; Dynasty devil Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) at No. 7 and Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) at No. 8.

Is a Dynasty Reboot on The Horizon?!

Take this one with a grain of salt — make that a whole shaker! The National Enquirer is reporting that, on the heels of the success of TNT's Dallas reboot, there are now talks of doing one for classic, 80's sudser Dynasty! Said veteran Enquirer gossip hound Mike Walker:

TV moguls are already huddled in top-secret talks with tempestuous Denver oil “Dynasty” divas JOAN COLLINS and LINDA EVANS – begging them to get glam again in those magnificent, iconic costumes and scratch each other’s eyes out encore!

Said My Dyna-Spy: “Joan and Linda are really excited about reviving ‘Dynasty.’ The show looks like a definite go as producers work out the details!”

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner Head to Court Over Domestic Dispute

Could domestic violence be the real cause of Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner's breakup? TMZ is reporting the former couple have a date with the L.A. City Attorney's Office to find out if they will be charged with criminal battery. According to the site, the Los Angeles Police Department has a file created on the actors after they were called to Wagner's house last month. Police claim they came out to the house after Locklear and The Bold and the Beautiful star got into an argument and altercation. A police officer tells TMZ,

She lost it on him and he retaliated.

Wishful Casting: Jack Wagner’s New Fiancée Heather Locklear as The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kristen Forrester

Everywhere you look these days, popular stars from primetime and film are turning up on daytime soaps. I say it's high time Jack Wagner convinced his ladylove (and according to People, new fiancée) Heather Locklear to make an appearance on his CBS Daytime sudser The Bold and The Beautiful. I know the perfect role to facilitate my dream Melrose Place reunion — Locklear could play Eric and Stephanie Forrester's (John McCook and Susan Flannery) ice princess daughter Kristen!

Heather Locklear Says No To Melrose Return

Despite reports that Heather Locklear was close to signing on for the new Melrose Place, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she has turned down the opportunity. EW quotes a source close to the situation:
There wasn't a way to bring her back that made sense.

With Ashlee Simpson-Wentz already cast on Melrose redux, and Locklear out, things are not looking too promising from where I'm sitting. 

One former star desperate to get a role is Lisa Rinna. We Love Soaps has a snap of her with a huge "Honk 4 Lisa Rinna on the new Melrose Place!" sign around her neck. Apparently, she was out campaigning on the real Melrose Place, Los Angeles, yesterday.    

Heather Locklear Returning To Melrose

Michael Ausiello
at Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Heather Locklear is as good as confirmed for the upcoming Melrose Place remake. And, let's face it, what would Melrose be without Amanda Woodward?

On a related note, Jack Wagner's contract with The Bold and the Beautiful is said to be up for renewal in April, and though he is widely thought to be signing to B&B again, there's always the possibility that he'll jump ship and join real life partner Heather on Melrose. His character, Dr. Peter Burns, ended up marrying Amanda Woodward, so it would make sense.

The CW Chief Talks Melrose Place and Heather Locklear

The CW's Dawn Ostroff took questions about the new Melrose Place her network is working on and responded to whether or not Heather Locklear might be apart of any new version of the popular show. Here are a couple of the quotes. 

What about the show's tone? one reporter asked. Will it be "earnest first-season Melrose or crazy, Kimberly-blows-up-the-apartment-complex Melrose?"

"We've actually had that exact conversation," Ostroff says. "I think it's certainly not crazy [and] people being blown up in the beginning. I think initially you've got to really get invested in the characters, but I also think it can't be so dramatic and sort of sleepy that not enough is going on. Our fans really love some of that heightened drama, as they can see when they watch One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl."

"We've talked about everyone, but we haven't talked to anyone yet," she says. "... Of course Heather would be one of the people we talk about, because when you think about Melrose Place she's one of the first people you think of."

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