The Good Wife Stars React to Shocking Story Twist (VIDEO)

SPOILER ALERT: The aftermath of Will Gardner's shocking death and the exit of Josh Charles from The Good Wife is still being felt around the web. The Hollywood Reporter featured a Q&A with former Weeds star Hunter Parish, whose character Jeffrey gunned down Will and others in court. 

Will we see retribution for your character in the next episode, which I imagine fills in a lot of blanks?

That's exactly right. [In the next episode] they talk to the security guard and they talk to this person and that person. Clearly we see what Julianna [Margulies]' character,

Alicia Florrick, goes through. There are a couple of moments where they say, "What the heck, kid? What did you do, and why? We were about to prove your innocence, what were you thinking?" It gets pretty tragic.


Weeds Grad Hunter Parrish Lands on The Good Wife

The Good Wife has scored another talented guest star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Weeds grad Hunter Parrish will be appear in the November 10th episode .
Parrish will play Jeffrey Grant, described as "an enthusiastic college student looking to experience everything life has to offer, until he's caught in a Kafkaesque DNA trip, accused of murdering a female classmate he swears he's never met."

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