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Blast From the Past: Jake “The Salem Strangler” Kositchek

You know the saying, "You learn something new every day"? Well, I learned something new today reading Seriously? OMG! WTF?. I would have never known that Heroes star Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet aka HRG) was Jake "The Salem Strangler" Kositchek on Days of Our Lives.  Isn't it ironic that he went from being a strangler to hunting down Sylar on Heroes? Watching this clip really made me wish for better days on Days of Our Lives. Hopefully some day thing will improve.

Shick Does the Sheet Shimmy on The Young and the Restless

Fans of the couple formerly known as Shick (Sharon and Nick) on The Young and the Restless, get ready to rejoice. According to TV Guide magazine, the duo will get their freak on Feb 4. The former high school sweethearts get that old feeling once again when the duo are stranded together at a remote cabin in the mountains while in a snow storm.

Joshua Morrow
(Nick) speak out about the latest developments and stated,
The fans have wanted this for a long is going to be a very messy journey getting these two back together as a solid couple, but I am sure it will happen.
Morrow also says,
I am going into this thing with Sharon with kind of a heavy heart......I've loved working with Stafford she is like a crazy frat brother......but getting naked with Sharon again is exciting......I've been on Y&R for 15 years and most of that time was with I'm feeling like a kid again
Hmm.. Sounds like some boxsprings are about to be broken outside of Genoa City.