Now Jeff Kwatinetz is Suing Prospect Park and The Company’s Investor!

One Life to Live's fictional legal eagle Tea Delgado would be able to retire to a nice villa in Puerto Rico, if she had a client as litigious as Jeff Kwatinetz! On the heels of Prospect Park amending their lawsuit against Disney-ABC to the tune of $125 million, comes a report from Deadline about Kwatinetz suing both Prospect Park and ABRY, the investment type folks who put up the cash to reboot All My Children and One Life to Live! I can't...


Prospect Park Amends Disney Soap Lawsuit to The Tune of More Than $95 Million

Still waiting for someone at Prospect Park to confirm they aren't bringing back All My Children? Sorry, we'll have to take the word of cast and crew members on social media, because PP was too busy amending their lawsuit against Disney-ABC on Wednesday to clue in their loyal audience.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, PP now wants more than $95 million from Disney-ABC, whom they allege schemed to create a "mega-soap" behind the backs of the peeps who licensed One Life to Live and All My Children. So the same company that wanted out of soaps so badly they cancelled two at the same time—with initial plans of gutting General Hospital shortly thereafter—all of the sudden wanted a "mega-soap" on the dial?

Jeff Kwatinetz Reflects on First Season of Soap Reboots; Reveals TOLN is “Prepping For Next Season”

It's all over but the shouting for the premiere season of web continuations for All My Children and One Life to Live. Will the revived sudsers be back for Season 2? Prospect Park principles Jeff Kwatinetz says they will. 

"We could not be more proud to have delivered a stunning season of All My Children and One Life to Live, and really thank the creative teams and cast for being true partners in this journey. Together we have tackled more business, creative, and logistical challenges than most shows experience in a lifetime of production, yet we continue to prevail with these top rated, critically acclaimed shows,” said Kwatinetz. “We are prepping now for next season and have more surprises and twists and turns to deliver audiences—I am just hoping they stay on the soaps and not in our way.”

BREAKING NEWS: OWN Set to Air All My Children and One Life to Live!

The soap opera behind the soap operas is the soap opera! A day after announcing yet another schedule change for All My Children and One Life to Live via Hulu and iTunes, comes game-changing news that Oprah Winfrey's cable channel, OWN, has acquired the first 40 episodes of the rebooted sudsers.

Starting Monday, July 15, half-hour episodes of Agnes Nixon's sudsers will air Monday-Thursday, with AMC at 1 pm EST and OLTL at 3 pm EST. The deal between Prospect Park and OWN is for an exclusive 10-week run. 

"These shows have proven to be very popular with a significant, loyal fan base, not to mention Oprah herself is a big fan,” said Erik Logan, president, OWN.  “Many of our viewers across numerous platforms have expressed their passion for the soaps so we are especially excited to air this limited engagement on OWN.”

Perhaps there has been a method to all of Prospect Park's scheduling madness after all?

Prospect Park and Labor Union Resolve Dispute Over All My Children and One Life to Live


All's well that is negotiated well. Prospect Park and I.A.T.S.E New York Production Locals 52, 161, 600, 700, 764, 798 and USA829 have ended their dispute over the production budgets for online soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live. According to a joint statement, production will resume on August 12.

“We are pleased that the parties were able to successfully address their concerns in a mutually beneficial way, which will enable these innovative shows to continue to be produced with our talented crews,” said New York Production Locals, Local 600 Representative David Blake.

R&B Artist Jason Derulo Performs New Single on All My Children

Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank are continuing to utilize their pop music connections to cross promote their new online soaps. R&B sensation Jason Derulo taped an episode of All My Children on May 8. He performed his new single "The Other Side" at a fictional gala thrown by Brooke English (Julia Barr).

"I was thrilled to stop by Pine Valley to perform my new single for All My Children. It's such an iconic show and it’s cool to be a part of its revival online,” says Derulo. “I have nothing but love and respect for the cast and series and had a blast on set.”