Watch Jennifer Finnigan in FX’s Tyrant June 24 (TRAILER)

If you were one of the millions of Americans who went to the movies over the Memorial Day weekend, you might have seen the FX trailer for the new series Tyrant while waiting for–at least in my case–X-Men Days of Future Past to start.

Tyrant stars Adam Rayner as Barry Al Fayeed, the youngest son of a Middle Eastern dictator, who returns home with his American wife and children after twenty years in self-imposed exile. Imagine my delight at spotting former The Bold and the Beautiful favorite Jennifer Finnigan (ex-Bridget Forrester) playing Al Fayeed's wife and mother of his children. 

Check out Jennifer Finnigan in the Tyrant trailer after the jump and tune in to FX on June 24!

Jennifer Finnigan Premieres in TNT’s Monday Mornings on February 4

If you watched the blockbuster two-hour second season premiere of Dallas Monday night, you may have caught the promo for TNT’s upcoming medical drama Monday Mornings. The Bold and the Beautiful favorite Jennifer Finnigan stars as Dr. Tina Ridgeway, alongside Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber as Dr. Tyler Wilson and Alfred Molina as Dr. Harding Hooten, in the series about doctors who push the limits.

Monday Mornings premieres on February 4. Watch Monday Morning’s promos after the jump!

Jennifer Finnigan Lands ABC Pilot

The Bold and the Beautiful alum Jennifer Finnigan has landed a comedy pilot starring opposite of Joanna Garcia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Since leaving B&B Finnigan starred for two seasons on the CBS crime drama Close to Home and had short stints on NBC's Crossing Jordan and USA's The Dead Zone.
The untitled Goldberg-Meehan multicamera comedy, from WBTV, revolves around sisters at different stages of their romantic relationships: one (Finnigan) is in a happy, long-term relationship but isn't married, the other (Garcia) gets pregnant and winds up marrying her boyfriend.

Bold and Beautiful: Update

I really hope that mental asylum Bridget is headed for is big enough for two. I think Stephanie Forrester is headed straight for the four rubber walls as well. Rocking in a chair? In the dark? Depressed? Glaring at family photos like it’s all about to come to an end? What is going on?

We didn’t even see Eric pay her a visit-a promise he made to Felicia. Eric even had the key to the beach house. Where are Bold and the Beautiful going with this? A little creepy? Maybe. Especially since Susan Flannery’s portrayal as Laura Horton on Days of Our Lives many moons ago had her end up in a loony bin. Is this depression starting to surface or is there something more to what we are witnessing? It’s confirmed, Felicia Forrester is the best possible stand in to help bring her mother back from the brink or take over the complete dynasty.

As always in true soap fashion a wedding is held up because there is a need for another member of an opposing family wishing to confess their undying love for the groom. Was anyone else’ guts turning when Nick told Stephen Logan that it was ‘something the Logan woman do for him’? What’s with that? It’s like saying – I’ve had your daughter, her daughter and I want your other daughter. Come off it!