One Life to Live Grad John Brotherton Revs Up For Fast & Furious 7!

Former One Life to Live star John Brotherton (ex-Jared Banks) has joined the cast of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's next installment of the blockbuster Fast & Furious franchise. According to Deadline, Brotherton will portray Sheppard, the right hand man of Kurt Russell's recently added character, in Fast & Furious 7. Details about Russel's character have not been released.

Photo of Kurt Russell by PR Photos

Former One Life to Live Star John Brotherton Becomes ‘Fairly Legal’

Ex-One Life To Live star John Brotherton, is keeping busy these days.The actor who played Natalie's (Melissa Archer) slain husband Jared Banks has snagged a guest star role on USA Network's hit series Fairly Legal. The actor will play Agent Hughes, who mixes things up with mediator Kate (Sarah Shahi). Look for Brotherton's episode to air March 23.


John Brotherton Returns to One Life to Live on Feb. 8

Look for John Brotherton to reprise the role of Jared Banks on One Life to Live this Feb. 8, according to TV Guide Canada. Apparently Natalie Buchanan's (Melissa Archer) slain hubby will return to help her through a "dangerous situation". Wouldn't it be cool if deceased relations could return to help us through life's sticky predicaments in real life? You know, like tax season? My Paw Paw was quite the boot leg accountant in his day! Although, he did get audited quite often...nevermind.

One Life to Live Stars in “Queen Bea”: A Soapsical

Current and former One Life to Live stars spoofed the genre will all know and love this past Nov. 1 in "Queen Bea": A Soapsical, at the Laurie Beecham Theare in New York . Bree WilliamsonMark Lawson, BethAnn Bonner and Chris Stack starred in the musical comedy about a down and out soap diva. Renee Elise Goldsberry, Melissa Archer, John Brotherton and Jason Tam were also in attendance. 

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Why One Life to Live Deserves to be The Last ABC Soap Standing

The best argument the soap opera genre can make in favor of its own survival airs at 2pm EST on ABC/ 9pm EST on  SOAPnet. Its name is One Life to Live.

OLTL's fictional town of Llanview, PA. is a town rich in history, overflowing with talent, boisterous in personality and uninhibited by an addiction to one or two characters.

Monday’s nod to Grey Gardens–acted out by the fantastic foursome of Robin Strasser, Kassie DePaiva, Trevor St. John and Florencia Lozano–and the seamlessness with which it was woven into the double wedding ceremony of Viki  to Charlie and Nora to Clint is one of many examples of why OLTL has surpassed The Young and the Restless as the genre’s most well-written soap opera.