As the World Turns: Decking out Oakdale

Good old murdering Dr. Decker is back in Oakdale and I have to say I'm more than a little happy, especially for John James who didn't deserve the agony of playing Jeff Martin on All My Children. Having Decker back is just what the doctor prescribed for As the World Turns.

As the World Turns is in the midst of a resurgence unlike anything we've seen recently except One Life to Live. As Daytime Confidential reader joshua2854 put it when commenting on As the World Turns: Damn Good Soap! "OLTL is AWESOME, but ATWT is RIVETING!" Now while I won't go so far as to say that As the World Turns is better than One Life to Live it is setting itself up to give the ABC show a run for its money.

Sure, As the World Turns' still has some glaring problems but there are fewer and fewer with each passing week. Dr. Decker's return helps fill one of Oakdale's biggest voids, the lack of a dastardly villain.

Without James Stenbeck or a well written Craig Montgomery As the World Turns has suffered immensely. Fortunately, nothing whips a show into shape like a well written villain whose mere presence frustrates, infuriates, and scares the town's residents as they try to figure out his motives and whether or not he is toying with them.

As the World Turns: Dr. Decker Spices up Meg & Paul

Who would have thought that any story involving As the World Turns' Meg and Paul could be interesting? After months of back and forth, months of wavering and months of pure torture, they are finally married. Oh wait, more drama. Sofie's dead and the only good thing about it is that other characters like Barbara, Margo, Lisa, and Dr. Rick Decker are integrated with them. Funny thing what character isolation does!

When I first read that John James was coming back, I did not know what to expect. Of all the characters that I would pop back on my screen, the killer doc was not on the top of my list. I may be overstating a return, but it was brilliant. A man spending his life institutionalized for serial murder is now the go to guy for legal defense. Who would know the mind of a killer better than a killer?

The best part, of course, was the horror movie feel of the his appearance. He quickly connected himself to Barbara before moving on to Margo, Paul, Meg, Alison and Susan. Screams, shock and snappy dialogue kept the pace of Oakdale's latest death investigation chugging along. He's gone again, but one can hope that his spirit will linger and close another chapter in the endless drama that is Meg and Paul.