Steffy Doesn’t Remember Being Pregnant on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy, (Jacqueline MacInness Wood) still groggy and out of it, doesn’t seem to recall much of anything, not hopping on her motorcycle, not being married to Liam (Scott Clifton) and most certainly not being with child. 

She did, however, want to know just how bad she was going to look in a bikini. Just where are we going with this? 

Dr. Meade (Jon Hensley) told Liam he was going to call Bill (Don Diamont) and alert him to what had happened. I get that Dr. Meade has history with the family, but why is he taking it upon himself to call Bill? When he did call Bill, he claimed Liam asked him to. No he didn’t, Dr. Meade!  Is this all just plot points to get Hensley more screen time, because there are much better ways.

Meade tried to tell Bill about Steffy losing the baby, but Bill was more concerned with getting to his son. Why is this doctor sharing information about his patient?  Ever hear of confidentiality?

Could Jon Hensley Fill Ronn Moss’ Speedo on Bold and Beautiful?

As The World Turns hunk Jon Hensley has been recurring on The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr Meade for quite some time now. However, with Ronn Moss exiting the role of oft-naked fashion designer Ridge Forrester, could the good doc be the answer to keeping the carnal activities going in Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) bedroom? Here's what Hensley said regarding his desire to work with Lang in Sept. 10 issue of Soap Opera Digest:
"I've always wanted to work with her, but I knew it wasn't a possibility because she was tied in to Ronn," Hensley shares. "Now that that's dissolved somewhat, that door has opened. It would be nice, even if it's just for a few weeks. Nobody has mentioned that to me [yet] because I don't think anybody thought it was an option, but we'll see! I think it would be great. It's completely open at this point. I don't have any attachements to anybody or anything, so if they chose to use me, they could really go in any direction they want. I'm totally down with it!"

Icy Hot: As The World Turns’ Jon Hensley Joins The Bold and the Beautiful For Hope/Liam/Steffy Aspen Arc!

It's good to be an As The World Turns fan these days. First, Jack and Carly came out on DVD; now one half of another of the classic, Procter and Gamble sudser's most popular pairings has booked a two-episode guest stint on The Bold and the Beautiful!

TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting Jon Hensley (ex-Holden Snyder, ATWT) will be portraying a yet-to-be-named doctor, who will play an integral role in B&B's upcoming Aspen, Colorado location shoot. And get this, B&B will be lensing in the snowy city during the real Aspen Fashion Week!

Wishful Casting: Finn Wittrock as JT; Jon and Kelley Menighan Hensley as Glen and Barb on DAYS

I can't believe the brass at All My Children is going to let one of the best reasons to watch the sudser, Finn Wittrock (Damon), walk out the door.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Damon and Liza's (Jamie Luner) combustible chemistry had me soapgasming all over the place last week. Well, I say Pine Valley's loss should be Salem's gain.

I would love to see Wittrock head over to Days of Our Lives as JT Rieber, the child Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) raised as a baby, before realizng he'd been switched with her now-deceased son Zack. I've been clamoring for a teenage JT to show up on Bope's doorstep in rebel mode for years, and now would be the perfect time.
The supercouple is going to need a new crisis to contend with once this prison story wraps. Why not have them deal with a surly JT, who resents Hope for not fighting Glen and Barb harder for him, because of his disastrous childhood with the pair?