Matthew Goode Upped to Regular on The Good Wife

Although it was previously announced Matthew Goode would recur on The Good Wife, E! News is now reporting the actor has been promoted to series regular on the hit CBS drama. 
As State’s Attorney Finn Polmar, Goode made a memorable debut in last week’s “Dramatics, Your Honor.” This saw him playfully spar with Will (Josh Charles) in the courtroom, before he tried to help Will survive a shocking shooting.  

The Good Wife Stars React to Shocking Story Twist (VIDEO)

SPOILER ALERT: The aftermath of Will Gardner's shocking death and the exit of Josh Charles from The Good Wife is still being felt around the web. The Hollywood Reporter featured a Q&A with former Weeds star Hunter Parish, whose character Jeffrey gunned down Will and others in court. 

Will we see retribution for your character in the next episode, which I imagine fills in a lot of blanks?

That's exactly right. [In the next episode] they talk to the security guard and they talk to this person and that person. Clearly we see what Julianna [Margulies]' character,

Alicia Florrick, goes through. There are a couple of moments where they say, "What the heck, kid? What did you do, and why? We were about to prove your innocence, what were you thinking?" It gets pretty tragic.


Peter and Alicia Are Under Seige on The Good Wife (PROMO)

Just when Peter (Chris Noth) and Alicia's (Julianna Margulies) relationship is more solid than its been in years, the other shoe drops in the form of an election fraud scandal. On tonight's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia demands Peter fix his latest career catastrophe.

Will (Josh Charles), of course, can't help but goad his rival over his latest misfortune. Alicia must really be the bomb in bed—and in the elevator—for the Lockhart-Gardner senior partner to take this long to get over it. Watch tonight's The Good Wife teaser after the jump!


Piers Morgan Tweets Desire to Be on The Good Wife

TV personality Piers Morgan was right there along with all the other The Good Wife fans, live-tweeting during it's stellar 100th episode.  He even got into a funny exchange with Josh Charles, who plays heartbroken and vindictive lawyer Will Gardener, over twitter. Does Morgan really want to appear on the CBS serial? See the cyber convo below!

@piersmorgan: Hate seeing you so sad and tearful @MrJoshCharles - anyone would think Spurs lost 0-6 last week. #TheGoodStrife

@MrJoshCharles: Ladies & Gents: Piers Morgan! “@piersmorgan: Hate seeing you so sad & tearful @MrJoshCharles - anyone would think Spurs lost 0-6 last week.”  

@piersmorgan: WHOOAAAA... @donnabrazile starring in #TheGoodWife - so jealous, and she was so good too. When do I get my shot @MrJoshCharles ?

@MrJoshCharles: @piersmorgan @donnabrazile Piers, the word is you're incredibly difficult to work with and talk way too much about cricket on set.

@piersmorgan: @MrJoshCharles @donnabrazile all true!