Wishful Casting: Tuc Watkins and Josh Kelly as Phillip III and Chance on The Young and the Restless

With One Life to Live "shelved", several of the soap's biggest stars are likely looking for work. While I don't think any of the existing network daytime suds should go on a casting spree akin to Maria Arena Bell flying low over the carcasses of the ABC Daytime version of All My Children a few years back, I do think several suds roles could be smartly filled with OLTL vets. For starters, imagine the hilarious dose of brazen sexuality and bon vivant energy Tuc Watkins would inject into the role of Phillip Chancellor III on The Young and the Restless.

More One Life to Live Chats Up Josh Kelly (VIDEO)

This week More One Life to Live catches up with One Life to Live’s Josh Kelly (Cutter). It also delves into the mysterious catfish storyline involving Llanview’s resident deadbeat dad Matthew (Robert Gorrie).  Watch this week’s More One Life to Live after the jump!