Colby Supports Cassandra on All My Children

AJ (Eric Nelsen) played Tickle Me Elmo with Miranda (Denyse Tontz) until she demanded he stop or she’d upchuck.  I just don’t buy them as a romantic pairing. At the rate their friendship is going, one of these days I fully expect to see him braiding her hair while she decides what to dress him up in.

The two ended up on the beach, where AJ rubbed sunscreen on her. More tickling ensued, and they were soon interrupted by Heather (Stevie Steel) and some girls. Later, AJ went to get ice cream with Heather and left Miranda by herself. Of course, Hunter (Daniel Covin) and one of his friends showed up. The two started bullying Miranda about the size of her breasts and being a lesbian. All My Children REALLY needs to work the dialogue for its bullies. It is so stilted it's uncomfortable to watch.