Can Bobby Stop John Ross From Turning Southfork Into an Oil Field on Dallas? (PROMO)

The Ewings are once again facing off over the oil rich lands of Southfork in Braddock County, Texas. With black gold now bubbling up into the surface rights Miss Ellie left for John Ross (Josh Henderson), can Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) keep the promise he made to his mama, to forever prevent drilling on the family ranch?

The ladies of East Texas are keeping plenty busy as well. Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is determined to keep history from repeating itself, while Pamela Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) makes an attempt to bond with that slut-monster Emma (Emma Bell)!

Meanwhile, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) puts his Uncle Cliff (Ken Kercheval) on notice. Can Pam Sr.'s son stop her brother's plot to destroy the Ewings?  Watch the promo for tonight's episode of Dallas after the jump!

Dallas Cast, Heather Locklear and More Celebrate TNT’s 25th Anniversary (PHOTOS)

Josh Henderson and Julia Gonzalo joined their Dallas co-stars and the stars of TNT’s Falling Skies, Franklin & Bash, Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles and the upcoming The Last Ship to celebrate the network’s 25th anniversary at the Beverly Hilton on July 24. See more photos of your favorite TNT stars after the jump!

Jesse Metcalfe on a Dallas Appearance by Victoria Principal: “It’s a Possibility For Season 3″

Victoria Principal broke the hearts of many old-school Dallas fans, when she revealed she had no plans of reprising the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing for the TNT update of the classic primetime soap. Could things have changed?

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood Live, Jesse Metcalfe, who plays Pam and Bobby's (Patrick Duffy) adopted son Christopher, said mama could be coming home in Season 3!
“It’s a possibility for Season 3, but, it’s not gonna happen in Season 2.”

I guess that means the mystery woman in Switzerland won't turn out to be the original Barnes girl. I wonder if it's Cliff (Ken Kercheval) and Pam's whackadoodle of a sister Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany)? Sure, Cliff told his daughter Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) that her aunt had died, but it wouldn't be the first time someone returned from the dead on a soap! Watch the interview after the jump.