As the World Turns: Please Meg…SHOOT!

Someone one please put me out of my misery! It was only a few short weeks ago that I was praising the high heavens for the writing on As the World Turns. Since that time I have been subjected to poison jewelry and Meg seeing the ghost of Sofie. It's a wonder that poor girl can find her way to Meg with that bright, white, garish light shining in her eyes. Alison, Chris, Emily, Casey and Meg have been irratic, irrational, and down right irritating!

I see some storyline progression in this pool of plot drivel, but can someone stop the madness and get back to the soap that had Margo gunning for Emily, Lily gunning for Carly and Susan gunning for Chris? Imagine my confusing feelings for a moment when, in the midst of this hot mess, I see Meg point a gun at Paul. Wow, talk about a freeze frame moment. I could go for this, Paul being shot dead...for real this time. Then again, James is coming back to torment him, so which would be better? A real dilemma for sure.