Egan, Collins and Bassey Return to All My Children

Even more good news for All My Children fans hoping to see the return of familiar faces to Pine Valley before the soap goes off the air. According to TV Guide, Melissa Claire Egan, Kate Collins and Jennifer Bassey will be reprising their roles as Annie Chandler, Janet “From Another Planet” Green and Marian Colby the week of July 25. Reportedly, the three characters–currently confined in Oak Haven–will break out of the facility and return to Pine Valley. 

This Week in Daytime

This week in daytime,

I wondered if All My Children's Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) fans were steaming mad about their couple's onscreen reunion, of sorts. Not being a Zendall fan myself I expect it had to be more than a little bittersweet to see a favorite couple return, only to dissolve before our eyes like a hairball in a drain pipe attacked by Draino. My sympathies are with you Zendall fans.