Is There A Hot New Couple On Grey’s?

Is T.R. Knight looking to jump ship? Are ABC nixing same-sex storylines? Is Izzie romancing dead Denny just stupid? With debate swirling around Grey’s Anatomy at the moment, I wanted to take a lighter look at couplings that are on the horizon. Who’s the hottest of the potential love matches?

Personally speaking, I love Cristina (Sandra Oh can do no wrong) and her off-the-chart chemistry with McRambo AKA Owen (Kevin McKidd). Seriously, as Meredith might say, who didn’t see a touch of the old Grey’s magic in their steamy scene? I want vents like that at my work. More screengrabs and potential new pairings after the jump.

McRambo Officially Joins Grey’s Anatomy

Watch out McSteamy and McDreamy, McRambo is in da house! People is reporting that Kevin McKidd has officially joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy as a series regular. McKidd, whose character Dr. Owen Hunt is a love interest for Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh, one of my all time favorite actresses. Shout out to Arli$$ fans!), told People, “It’s a great show, and I’m lucky to be on it.”

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