FIYA! Watch Susan Lucci School Kim Delaney in Army Wives Promo!

A mini All My Children reunion kicks off on Lifetime's mega hit soap, Army Wives this coming Sunday night. Suds queen Susan Lucci will appear in the episode as Audrey Whitaker, a powerful Army wife, who sets out to help Claudia Joy Holden (fellow AMC alum Kim Delaney) face off against a new foe. Judging from the soapgasmic teaser below, La Lucci is gonna bring it and then some!


Susan Lucci Enlists With Army Wives!

She's in the army now! TVLine is reporting the diva of daytime Susan Lucci is heading to Army Wives. The All My Children legend is set to reunite with her former costar Kim Delaney. La Lucci will play a retired army general's wife, who dishes out some advice to Claudia (Delaney) when she deals with a rival. Lucci has signed on for two episodes of Army Wives that is slated to air in season six.

Photo of Kim Delaney by PR Photos.


More Necromancy Please: Kim Delaney Wants to Come Back to All My Children Too!

By the time All My Children ends its network television run on Sept. 23, there will be more not-quite-dead people and/or ghosts roaming around than on Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Torchwood: Miracle Day combined. The latest former Pine Valley denizen to make noise about wanting to come back is Army WivesKim Delaney, whose beloved heroine Jenny Gardner Nelson blew up on a jet ski over two and a half decades ago.

Delaney told ABC Soaps In Depth she'd love to reprise the role, that is if Lifetime—which Delaney says prevented her from attending the recent Daytime Emmys—would let her!

 "I'm going to work on it," she insists. "It's a good idea. And there's still time. I should call [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon."

The Great American Soap Opera

Every soap opera has one element in common: conflict.

Conflict, internal or external, is the engine that drives all great dramas, all great rivalries, all great love stories, indeed all great passions from affairs of the heart to affairs of state. The great dramatic conflict that has threaded the entire fabric of the history of the United States has been the relationship between this great country and it's citizens of African descent.

This is not to belittle the struggles and triumphs of any other groups who have felt the sting of discrimination or oppression throughout the course of American history. Obviously, people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds have their own tales to tell. Women have unique testimonies to share. Japanese Americans were unfairly and unjustly treated by the American government during World War II, having since been granted reparations. No one can dispute with any shred of credibility the shameful horrors visited upon Native Americans, casino revenues notwithstanding.

If you think this is the part where I go into a lengthy explanation of how and why African Americans are unique as an aggrieved class, think again. Intellects far superior to mine and history itself makes a far more compelling argument than I can. Besides, Daytime Confidential is not the appropriate forum for such a discussion to take place either. As an African American man on the cusp of middle age who has loved soaps for the bulk of my life however, I feel there are a few salient considerations to be made of the importance between soaps and the inauguration of the first African American president in this nation's history. In order to look forward, I must first look back.

“Army Wives” Inspires Ehlers and Paull Goldin’s AMC Storyline

It seems Lifetime's monster hit soap Army Wives served as a bit of inspiration for All My Children's upcoming front burner storyline featuring Guiding Light defectors Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers.

AMC's new head scribe Charles Pratt Jr. informed TV Guide's Michael Logan that the planned romance between Paull Goldin's Dr. Jake Martin and Ehler's- Lt. Taylor McBride-which he says will be "born of conflict"-was inspired in part by the Kim Delaney hit.

Left-leaning Jake, who was in Iraq with Doctors Without Borders, will clash with conservative GI Jane-Taylor over political views regarding the War in Iraq. This could prove very interesting and topical for AMC,  a soap that cut it's teeth by doing controversial, political storylines. Jake's own mother Ruth famously protested the Vietnam War back in the 70's. Kudos to AMC for embarking on a storyline that is so timely and relevant.