Oprah’s Interview With Lance Armstrong Pulls in 28 Million Viewers Worldwide

Oprah Winfrey has even more reason to bask in the afterglow of her interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. In addition to pulling in good numbers domestically for her cable network OWN, The Washington Post reports 28 million viewers worldwide tuned in for at least a minute of the much anticipated two-part sit down. Reportedly,

The 28 million is a “reach” stat; OWN defines this as anyone who watched one minute, or more, of the two-night interview.

Oprah’s Interview With Lance Armstrong Grabs 4.3 Million Viewers


Oprah Winfrey’s one-on-one interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong brought in 4.3 million total viewers on its Thursday night debut. The 9-10 pm  first portion of the chat netted the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) 3.2 million viewers, while the 10:30 pm second airing of the telecast averaged another 1.1 million viewers.  The special was the highest-rated weekday show in the history of the network in all key demos.

Anderson Cooper on Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: “He Was a Complete Jerk About This For Years and Years”

Don’t expect Anderson Cooper and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong to go bike riding anytime soon.  On Wednesday's episode of Anderson, Cooper and guest co-host Dari Alexander discussed Armstrong copping to using performance-enhancement drugs in an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Silver Fox remarked:

I've got to say he was a complete jerk about this for years and years and years. He wouldn't just deny this. He would go after and try to destroy the people who were telling the truth and people who were telling the truth would get anonymous death threats. Even the guy from the anti-doping agency got anonymous email death threats; it's not known who it's from.

Watch Cooper go in on Armstrong after the jump!

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Lance & Kate Dodge Questions on “The View”

Have you ever wondered what it's like to watch two celebrities do the Texas two-step in order to avoid answering questions about an alleged relationship? Well now here is your chance.

The first clip features Kate Hudson in an appearence on The View earlier this month doing her best to avoid the the hosts inquiries. The second clip is of Lance Armstrong on Tuesday dodging questions from the ladies from The View on whether or not he is in a relationship with Kate Hudson.