David Gregory and Barret Helms Celebrate Opening Night of ‘She Walks in Beauty’

David Gregory and Barret Helms (pictured above with Gary Donatelli and Andrea Leach) took some time to enjoy the opening night of She Walks in Beauty on November 7 in New York City. Written and directed by Gregory, She Walks in Beauty tells the story of a newlywed couple confronted with problems in their relationship.
SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY is the story of a fairly average newlywed couple with the some fairly new problems in their marriage. Quickly things do not appear as they seem. She is, in fact, a mechanical human prototype created by her husband and his boss, referred to simply as Dad. Balancing black comedy with social commentary, the play unravels the problems between the three, which, despite cutting-edge futuristic technology, remain savagely primal. Secrets are revealed and their relationships to each other begin to shift as they snowball toward a shattering, tragic, and darkly funny climax.

If you are in New York City you can see additional performances on November 9 and 11. For more details on She Walks in Beauty visit Facebook or New York  Repertory Theatre. See more photos of Gregory, Helms and Lenny Platt after the jump!

Check out One Life to Live’s Lenny Platt in If You Start a Fire!

Anyone in New York City through September 23 should check out One Life to Live grad Lenny Platt opposite of Spencer Rose in If You Start a Fire at the 45th Street Theater. A Kevin Kautzman production, If You Start a Fire is billed as "an internet sex comedy for the recession generation."

Platt stars as Chris and Rose portrays Lucy, who "are typical, American twenty-somethings struggling to get by during the Great Recession. They hate their jobs, but at least they have each other and health insurance! That is until Chris loses his job...”

Visit Artfullyhq.com for show times and ticket prices. Check out photos from If You Start a Fire's preview night and watch a video teaser  after the jump!