CBS vs. Time Warner Cable: Does it All Boil Down to Digital Rights?

CBS CEO Les Moonves is about as impressed as Shania Twain in that one song, when it comes to Time Warner Cable's proposal to return CBS stations to cable via "new economics", or an a la carte model.

Said Moonves re: the new economic model Time Warner's CEO is proposing:

"As I am sure you know, we have no 'new economics' that are not intimately tied to new 'terms and conditions.' Those terms and conditions, better known as rights, were established in 2008. That was before the introduction of the iPad. Netflix was still doing little but mailing out DVDs. Amazon was known simply for selling books. This doesn't even begin to account for the new entrants now coming up the ramp who are interested in paying a fair price for the most desirable programming." Moonves said. "What you are asking for, pure and simple, is either to gain the right to deliver content for free that others are paying for, or to inhibit CBS from licensing content to existing online competitors and new companies that are now emerging. I can understand why you might want to preserve your dominance in that venue, but bullying us into becoming your accomplice in that effort doesn't seem fair."

Les Moonves on Daytime Emmy Telecast: “It Wasn’t A Very Well Produced Show”

CBS  President and Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves was not a fan of the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy awards telecast. TMZ caught up with the Tiffany network’s top dog who didn’t mince words on how he felt about HLN’s second year in a row airing the award ceremony. Mooves stated:

You know what ... it wasn't a very well produced show and you can put that on the air.

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